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many readers adotaran the habit to read this book every day, a morning, afternoon and the other night before going to sleep. you can do the same. some usually copy entire pages to friends and send your messages and those that need further copy the whole book in print and bind your book for doing a daily analysis. whatever the form, this book will bless you.


the theologian joilson of assis silva has written 19 books, novels, self help stories, theological and biblical commentaries.

How to avoid problems

How to avoid problems

Theologian joilson Assis da silva

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A book that is a message


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THEOLOGY JOILSON SILVA DE ASSIS Welcome to my mind. Please LOGIN PLEASE It's a pleasure to welcome you! "READ ABOUT MY IDEAS VISIT MY MIND."



Welcome to my mind. Please LOGIN PLEASE It's a pleasure to welcome you!

the book does not have the arrogance to declare that teaches a person live without problems, is a simple and analytical commentary on the most common problems we all passed. a Biblical look closely watch the philosophy based on psychology. I am pleased with the success that the book is and how some are keen to buy the book and take your friends and relatives. now completely free to avoid the book is available to all persons who have the whole of meditation on the problems of life and possible ways to avoid them.
advise everyone to print the book on paper because we do not know how long it will be freely available on net. you can copy it to cd or memory of your computer. the safest way is still the copies made on paper. copy and bind this book because it is a message from God for you.
I started to write this book after a trip I made to the state of sao paulo, when I returned I received a long list of questions that the listeners of my radio program to have. I started to pray to respond intelligently to all questions. I realized that most of those questions were related to simple problems of daily life that could be avoided with simple precautions. I started to think about a book that portray the problems of everyday life. the mystery happened on the night that followed this idea because my walks to dream with a person beside me in bed was short phrases such as: do all the document is saved receipts. agreed to write all the phrases that I remembered this dream or something. thus was born the main divisions of this book that is at your disposal. I feel very weak and small to introduce myself as Aware of mystery about the problems but God is the God of all wisdom and science, he certainly directs their calls and all that help and guidance. I believe this book is a message from God for you and your family.
again thank you for visiting and good reading. use the item: older posts to turn the pages. each time you click the older posts that item is there in the final pages you will get more pages of this book to review.
well because in the name of jesus
joilson of assis silva



I have the great pleasure to present the book HOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS OF THEOLOGY JOILSON of Assisi. Respond to as a friend and companion of many years and ministry to a close I have seen the creation of many books of the writers. PHILOSOPHY OF BOOKS, BOOK OF DREAMS AND VISIONS OF ENIGMA, BOOKS OF THEOLOGY AS THE PUPPETS OF GOD analysis of Calvin, the history books and novels that have been national recognition. BUT HOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS THE BOOK IS A BOOK FOR EASY understanding and deep CONTENT. YES believes that the Bible is THE BOOK OF MAIN PROBLEMS AND HOW TO AVOID AN ANALYSIS HOW THIS WAS DONE IN THIS BOOK THAT BASED ON THE BIBLE, AND PHILOSOPHY IN PSYCHOLOGY BRINGS A VERY SPECIAL CONTEWUDO. The experiences and comments of the writer JOILSON DE ASSIS GIVES A TASTE TO THIS SPECIAL EDITION, a tone of seriousness and who knows what they are talking. Pastor JOILSON DE ASSIS HAVE 22 YEARS OF MINISTERIAL EXPERIENCE, AND HOW THE COURSE OF THEOLOGY AND MISSIONS OVER THE ITESM, ALREADY SENT BETWEEN CHURCHES 5 ELAS Batista, BRAZIL FOR CHRIST AND VARIAS Pentecost. WAS ONE OF THE CONVENTION OF CHURCHES idealized PENTECOST OF BRAZIL TO GET TO THE MEETING 50 PARAIBA Shepherd. FEZ AND STILL makes several Gospel Crusade NOW AND MINISTER in hundreds of different names in our region and Brazil. It leads to an association of disabled people and had great influence in the political life of their region. THE THOUGHT IS A SIMPLE PLEASURE OF ITS INVESTIGATIONS AND SOMETHING vibrant. IT IS ALWAYS late THINGS FOR NEW KNOWLEDGE AND PRIMARILY THE HISTORY AND BIBLE.
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theologian joilson of assistance

When we look at the past and contemplate our life, difficult times once noticed that at the time, seemed no solution. It seems so difficult to live and win, and this difficulty is compounded by our own race of beings who often only think of their own plans. To realize that their projects are even on top of someone. There are so many moments of shock, humiliation and even those moments when everything seems to fall on our head and no doors to escape that particular situation.
It seems that everything and all problems and difficulties. When we look to our side, then contemplate a crowd of people concerned about their problems and targets. The history of man has been dampened since the Eden with their tears and lamentations, the struggle to live, the contact with other people, living together with God, life, marriage, profession, achievements desired, their own mistakes, the action of Satan, it seems more a script for a great movie that does not change. Change the scene and the artists, but the roadmap remains the same. Well, the problems of man today are presented as a result of the same causes that had previously hit men. Where to find solution to all problems? The servants of God suffer? These are questions that by their frequency have become common and routine.
Born a baby, faces difficulties, such as diseases, etc.. It comes to reach a certain age and go to school, faces the problems of a student. Come to adolescence, where young people experiencing difficult times.
The dreams, projects and plans invade the minds of the young man who feels a great man to hold them. Between adolescence and maturity period of house and now this particular person has a huge clash with the reality that breaks most of his adolescent dreams. The marriage relationship and the spouse becomes a challenge to be overcome, the work to fight daily to make money with it and support his family wearing the mind and body. Disagreements with the personalities of the people surrounding the suspicious person and make a booking with any thing that does. This person reaches old age, their forces are going to be like water in times of drought: tired and sick die. And again, a baby born ... And every story seems to repeat. But does thinking this way life is right to be? And if you do not have to find a solution? Implemented solutions are many and dangerous. Some seek to drown their sorrows drink. In other drugs, sex, money and pagan religions. But the solutions to these problems seem to increase every day. So someone can escape from suffering? There are methods to avoid the problems? From this introduction we make a serious and profound analysis in the light of Holy Bible with living examples about the suffering, causes and results.

We want the conclusions drawn in the course of this analytical study are well absorbed by you and put into practice and of course your life will change radically. And yet another question which I do these issues fit yours? such review and make its findings because it is time to send the wrong rather than try to remove it after it is implanted in our lives.




When we look at the past and contemplate our life, difficult times once noticed that at the time, seemed no solution. It seems so difficult to live and win, and this difficulty is compounded by our own race of beings who often only think of their own plans. To realize that their projects are even on top of someone. There are so many moments of shock, humiliation and even those moments when everything seems to fall on our head and no doors to escape that particular situation.
It seems that everything and all problems and difficulties. When we look to our side, then contemplate a crowd of people concerned about their problems and targets. The history of man has been dampened since the Eden with their tears and lamentations, the struggle to live, the contact with other people, living together with God, life, marriage, profession, achievements desired, their own mistakes, the action of Satan, it seems more a script for a great movie that does not change. Change the scene and the artists, but the roadmap remains the same. Well, the problems of man today are presented as a result of the same causes that had previously hit men. Where to find solution to all problems? The servants of God suffer? These are questions that by their frequency have become common and routine.
Born a baby, faces difficulties, such as diseases, etc.. It comes to reach a certain age and go to school, faces the problems of a student. Come to adolescence, where young people experiencing difficult times.
The dreams, projects and plans invade the minds of the young man who feels a great man to hold them. Between adolescence and maturity period of house and now this particular person has a huge clash with the reality that breaks most of his adolescent dreams. The marriage relationship and the spouse becomes a challenge to be overcome, the work to fight daily to make money with it and support his family wearing the mind and body. Disagreements with the personalities of the people surrounding the suspicious person and make a booking with any thing that does. This person reaches old age, their forces are going to be like water in times of drought: tired and sick die. And again, a baby born ... And every story seems to repeat. But does thinking this way life is right to be? And if you do not have to find a solution? Implemented solutions are many and dangerous. Some seek to drown their sorrows drink. In other drugs, sex, money and pagan religions. But the solutions to these problems seem to increase every day. So someone can escape from suffering? There are methods to avoid the problems? From this introduction we make a serious and profound analysis in the light of Holy Bible with living examples about the suffering, causes and results.

We want the conclusions drawn in the course of this analytical study are well absorbed by you and put into practice and of course your life will change radically. And yet another question which I do these issues fit yours? just look at and make some connections, because it is time to send the wrong rather than try to remove it after it is implanted in our lives.
Council for the crowd OF WISDOM. BIBLIA


theologian joilson of assistance

Everything in life is politics, policy embraces all areas of life HUMANA.A family has its politics, politics is at work in the church is what we see. the human being is a being highly politicized.
The church at times the policy rate as filthy, diabolica etc. but always runs late in the political needs. imagine if no Christians in politics and come on dominates us wicked atheists and libertine? the view of some religious antipolitica is inconsistent because the policy was the area that God has acted more in the past. not say that! I say yes. Come on: Abrão benenifiado was a pharaoh, a politician of the time. josé was received by a pharaoh's political season. Abraham fought against the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, the war was a policy. Saul, David, who both admire salonão ERAM PO-LI-TI-COS! ENTIRE BIBLE IS FULL OF POLITICS AND POLITICAL HEROES AND MAIN Jewish DAVI How were politicians. describes the books of the chronicles of the kings of israel life, Jesus came from royal family, or policy of israel.josé Egypt was vice president of Egypt, sadraque, mesaque, abedenego was a kind of mayor of Babylon and Daniel, who prayed three times daily was GOVERNOR! Jeez Furada THEOLOGY THAT THAT MANY NAILS. These concepts is not the culture of our region that have thieves in their rulers, terrible when it becomes a time does justice to the name you give them.
the thing that God has more in the old testament was political. remove kings, raises others, turned out one another. squeeze the Bible is one of the first words out is our culture politica.como interfere in our faith and the sanctity of the times is just some nonsense of their minds I was making a list of several politicians from the Bible would pages to describe it. kings against prophets, prophets promoting kings, prophets and kings putting building, killing kings prophets. how policy has in our Bible? say that God does not put the policy is wrong to lie to the Bible full of politics, wars, monarchies, crowns and thrones.
the church's medieval history was also benefited by the policies exempolo Martin Luther himself who was favored by the German king, or the king of alamenha he was tired of all Roma take money through indugencias. Luther was also saved and favored by the king of Germany that criteria aloud: German money to the Germans. Roman Catholicism was favored by King Constantine who took the church of the catacombs to the palaces. King Constantine received the very church that was once known as the religion of the poor and miserable now became the religion of nobles. Calvino was received by his political genever that liked the idea of lending money with interest and still go to heaven. liked the idiologia Calvinist that wealth would be more evidence of the acceptance of God. they were rich and liked the idea of being special from the womb. that good huh? throughout history we find Christianity being received by the political and transforming the world to help them. Since he received gifts of Abraham dearest of enteressado pharaoh who was his wife, who gave an expensive present principle of wealth to Abraham and his generation to the king who helped Luther in Germany and sponsored its idiologias.
the idea that Christians should stay away from all party politics and inconsistent and easily Demont at the biblical stories. I saw a sister preach against using the political dreams of josé josé but forgot that she was a vice president of Egypt and because of his friendship with israel became pharaoh to live on earth to enjoy a delightful land which made them grow and enrich. forgotten that the beginning of their manufacture was given a job that her husband had with a member of my area since it was first dele.caixas of jewels and umaconta wide, full of money to enrich you, now independent of politics as has the its structure fold of the malignancy in church policy. and then of the rich and fattening MAGINALIZAM BY A POLICY.
The policy is a difficult area but the action CHURCH SHOULD ALSO BE It. What happens is a lack of political and descriterio we put in power and who are nice, Santinho not entering politics to make difereça.não there is no church that has a hand in the middle and politioca actually joined by a agromerado of people just have a poolitica. see those groups of people late for work, once a group is formed there, another here, and so on. this is politics. the political party has its dangers and the church should maintain caution in approaching it because the love of power is greater than the love of vida.porém the area of policy is an area of action of Christians.

01 - remain cautious with the policy and does not lead to serious political issues as if they were personal. respond to the level of words bad words that were received.

02 - must save their friends and not demand that those who do vote. the policy is only a few months but the friends are for life. nobody is obliged to believe what we believe and what we want to vote.

03 - the defects of my enemies do not equate my qualities - Gerald alkimim

04 - Avoid the assirramento animals, calm, is always in the field of ideas. not make a god of your political or idologo, politics and business only.

05 - avoid insulting the rival groups and not go to another local group identified with the color of his party.

06 - is subtle and there is easy, the church is of several minds contituida, avoid making the church a committee. working in the delicacy, subtlety without exageiros.

07 - promises to care because they can make us delirious and out of sense of responsibility, the real sense of things and facts.

08 - avoid the fanatics on those policies could be violent when frustrated.

09 - try to compromise with those who have committed to you. is not silly, everything in life is a game and political interests and is not linked to the interests of love and friendship. these interests and there should be clear, the commitments are clear and with witnesses. "Ah, then I see something for you" this conversation has frustrated the many.

10 - if you do not like her politics or not between the use, be real with yourself.

11 - be careful with the political party and to win only between and not to lose be frustrated and deceived.

12 - this conversation that vote on brother brother and now enricoumuita people frustrated crowd. the vote should be aware of the fact because someone pertecer not the same sisterhood gives it the privilege of my vote.

13 - we have to expose our ideas clearly and stay away from all that tries to pick the fool with silly conversations.

14 - spent the time that Christians acted as extreme land, hiding scared of the powerful. Nops God has given the spirit of boldness and power, we have to impose in this world for the good of Christendom.





Health is greatest asset that man has in life, unfortunately SOME BETTER CARE OF THE CAR, THE PRODUCTS THAT USE OF THAT OF YOUR They main vehicle: the body. In his car he uses casolina aditivada and better oil but the workshop will come in the sale and that any mess is there. is incredible, right?
made of his body the sacred sanctuary, keep it clean and well supplied with ETTER you can give him. is harmonic use of various foods to stay and do not use anything in your body that you suspicious that causes some evil.

01 - eat enough fruit and succulent frecas.

02 - Avoid excessive food in salt and sugar. or some perceived, but spend years drinking coffee and juice super sugary utrapassando the law of your food organismo.a them super salted out their grandulas.

03 - mainly to take vitamins A, C, and they equate the body's resistance to bacteria, fungi, worms that are extremely harmful to health.

04 - avoid exageiros it brings all exageiro damage.

05 - avoid the inconsistency in food, some drink cocacola not because of the stomach but will drink rum.

06 - Avoid foods with chemical concervados.

07 - Avoid foods industrializadios.

08 - avoid mass and fat.

09 - Avoid foods of dubious origins, poorly kept, with no guarantee of hygiene.

10 - be careful in their diet and see what you're eating, give the attention.

11 - think about whether your body is your car, how you treat? which the feeding and care you give to him?

12 - remember that God has several pages of the Bible to feed, banned it, allowed it. there is a concern of God with your health!

13 - sleep well the lack of sleep causes many problems, from simple esquisofrenias of the diabetes and other degenerative diseases. sleep well and eat little sleep.

14 - Ritimo to see your life and not lose time for lunch and dinner, make a coffee enhanced with plenty of fruit.

15 - costing up to good laughs and smiles of events that happens in your life. the tension and nervousness terrible evils have always provided on the body.

16 - see the limits of your body and not exaggerating, utrapassar be wise and avoid the limits of your body.

17 - DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE THE SUN extensively, as the sun Benef REACTIONS PRODUCED IN U.S. WITH ENCENTIVO FOR THE PRODUCTION OF WHAT IS VATAMINA K ANTIFRAMATÓRIA. The light from the sun is extremely beneficial and necessary to achieve a harmonious health.

PROBLEMS and religions theologian JOILSON DE ASSIS


PROBLEMS and religions

faith is benign in all respects and all men should have a religion that is the group who believe in the same credo.quantos has been enhanced to become the Lord God in a religion as Catholic or evangelical. the faith in everything is useful and the idea of God always brings us peace. now the problems in the area of religion are other numbers. the radicalism and partisanship reliugioso makes men blind to the realities of life. the politics of religion in human seencontra also, along with their personal and collective culture. can say that each human being has an idea of God even participating in a religion full of beliefs. religion made historical errors? Yes, many. but all areas of society also committed terrible mistakes, important areas like the military, doctors and many other areas. this analysis is important to avoid that religion, or some religious concepts will hurt us in today. absurd ideas are in God's name are created and many people suffered. we see a real example:
some women in our region was married to a doctor, this doctor was silent, taciturn and sometimes none. he had cases with nurses in their hospital and everyone knew it. his wife worked to have their independenciafinanceira and better care of their two filhos.só also errava she had an affair with for its sellers. so life went normally. some days the wife of a mysterious doctor attends evangelical worship and resolves to convert to Christ, in tears she goes to the altar and is delivered without reservation to Jesus Christ. without any fear she has had with the case that, dismisses the seller to avoid any contact and go to church regularly and gladly hear the word of God. months after it searches for the pastor and told him his sin, she is terribly sorry and wish one day see her husband and father to his feet fiulhos of you. "I was a pastor and sinful woman traia my husband because I knew he traia too. Now God showed me the light and do not want to sin more. I ask forgiveness of God through you." Said one WOMAN. Pastordeclarou but it could not do anything and if she wanted to tell her husband for forgiveness and ask pardon him because he was injured. By these statements of a priest of God that woman was sorry and did not know what fazer.mas that as the man of God sent and called aconfissão she decided to. one day she prepared a dinner for his wife who comes home and goes right to the TV and usually do. lay carpet in the house and was watching the program . she was there, came up again and was able to talk to the silent man. suddenly and plants she confesses his sin and says that today she is sorry. "forgive my husband because I sinned against you." she said in tears. the mysterious and silent husband hears everything without declare Nehme word. he quietly gets up and goes to kitchen drinking water Perhaps she thought, but it was not for this purpose it was. he's back with a large kitchen knife to saw in their hand and gave several blows on his wife who falls recorded in your belly and the knife in the kitchen. it down, get the car and leave. dying she still can call the police that helps.
After several months in hospital and several surgeries she recovers and then begin the battle order. he claims ligitima defense and to avoid imprisonment and confiscation of property. He alleged adultery by her and the defense of honor. made a case that had a nurse and lives very well today. she lives in the house of his parents who are evangelical but bored with any religion. think the major problem of a crooked religious ideas provocou.e now what?
hundreds and thousands of people suffer absurdities of religion by concepts that transform their "achos and believe" in Deus.culturas personal desire to be transformed into holiness and divine will. I quote a few: Do not shave the hair from legs, sexual organs was taken as the holy woman and you do such a thing was thrown out of some churches. not use sandalhas unisex, color or clothing, or could be naked in front of her husband, can not donate blood, can not watch TV, listen to radio, read newspapers, play ball, play with dolls, play video game, not could laughs, could not use earrings, hair cut, go to the beauty salon this was according to some religious sin and all who do such a thing was far from God. this was abewrrações cultural and had nothing to God and his word. because today estasigrejas that these things condemned the practice. God changed? in fact these things were never sins but the stench of sin in our mustache was well!
but when the religiõessão wonderful Sisma kill christ. remember that it was the most zealous religious who killed the Lord Jesus and demanded his blood on them. the Pharisees were the religious elite of the time along with the scribes and elders, but the tradition of them affected to Christ and the policy mataram.não these were the Romans who killed Jesus, Pilate washed his hands, but the religious cry: Crucify! religion is good but sectarian is a danger. God supports the gospel but it is not evangelical, God supports the Catholics but not Catholic. But every religion tends to be absolutist and arrest their God concepts particulares.pra start some tiny groups of religious calling on them only to salvation. ie: salvation is ours! to justify this concept have silly questions as not smoking, not drinking, not tamper with something that is beneficial regardless of salvação.apresentam vircugalas and points in the Bible to justify the saving of his group as sinful as other . they lack only say: God is ours. because we obey the gospel in a comma. the absurdity of religion extends to many factions as manifest that guy good people but for whatever reason to send one to hell. because of an earring, a lipstick, a scraped from the legs of a trip to the hairdresser's or because someone saw a tv.
religion is not absolute, God is absolute. all concepts must be analyzed carefully to avoid problems. you can see the cultural issue of religion when parents are forbidden to bring their children to an amusement park for those toys to play inofenciveis. others prohibit criançasde attend the drawings. of course some designs are terrible but the attempts to isolate the radical religious todosque the following. the times is all this radicalism own native culture and has within it a kind of religious doctrine. they say, be faithful, be Christian is difficult has to be this way, like that. These statements are sometimes given before the entry of such person in the church. but culture is culture when it becomes religious concepts is a huge danger.

Inconsistency RELIGIOUS
theologian joilson of assistance

human beings are biased to the inconsistency in all areas of your life. religion is not out of realidedade cruel and desorganizadora.Esta reality makes the human being totally puzzling because it may suddenly contradict all ideiologias and concepts using it for a weight and two measures. but what is inconsistent? The inconsistency is what jseus said a mosquito strain and swallow a camel, is choking with a mosquito but swallow a camel. is a poor assessment of things and events using criteria to measure disordered similar situations. leading to our day to day: example: a woman leaves her boyfriend because he has been engaged for five years with a woman but strange house with a man who was married divociado to ten years with a woman and has three children. or a man leave the army for not bedraggle in training but will work in a machine shop where he lives dirty oil, and other free products. that is inconsistent! another example of inconsistency: a husband takes the wife of the church because of the jealousy of the brother but lives in the pub drinking with her always arrodeiado men.
the human inconsistency generates a distance between his words and his actions. men talk, talk but do what nature commands. the inconsistency in religion has made thousands of victims who are frustrated with all the inconsistency that has suffered. the Pharisees and scribes were inoerentes and placed on the shoulders of others is not what they took, COAV a gnat and swallowing a camel, Jesus called the ipocritas.Eles UNNECESSARY Place a weight on the shoulders of others led BUT NOT THIS WEIGHT ON THEM . This is the case with many leaders in Christianity, they are too strict with others but in too liberal for their filhos.julgam primarily because they believe they are and condemn those who believe not. should not be innocent in this matter because the neophyte always disappoint because they do a wonderful image of a simple and common things, then comes the reality and disappoint. human beings must learn to live with the inconsistency as it exists within and outside, falsehood is always something in arrodeia closely, or learn to deal with it or be destroyed.
what some believe is not as if realmente.a inconsistency makes duviudosa all human idiologia different because this man is taken by a feeling of great contradiction of what he thinks and what he is. see this example that happened in my church: a pastor who has an annual event at Campina Grande which lasts for three days and gathers around fifty thousand people were preaching. preached with great authority when showing a very high moral and presenting your justice as the cause of their bençãos.ele spoke on the issue of preferred santarrões: the sanctity; fiercely criticized the policy as something filthy and disqualified, the brother who showed some benefit receberram policy that was not something the believer. "Believers receiving twenty real politicians, who are pastors mouth of urn, cable works as election of men unclean, as are those who disbelieve politicians' he. A CHURCH buzzes with his inflamed. Evalu since their childhood was not fair and liked things so wrong. Jeez good bitch! sat the whip at all and everything that he considered the speech errado.terminou under aprausos inflamed, it was a very inquisitive of morality, right up to the soul. but he forgot that its annual event receives around four hundred thousand reais prtefeitura of the city of Campina Grande and the government of the state of Paraíba. passagensd receive by air, sound, tents, screens and structure of the whole event. forget that the politicians including the vice mayor of the city and the representative the governor of the state sitting in púpito of their big event and he is advertising on TV and radio is the bench for them. is our preacher friend of grandissima moral forgotten that he is committed to the policy since the day that the event began and received the support of two veriadores the city that led him and his class to the local government and state. for me in my smallness, everything he said is pure incoherence, speech mismatch with what he lives. how he criticizes those who receive a of twenty real help if he gets 400,000. vai this wave and believe in his words. brave man to fight with him fold his own justice, which he sees straight and perfect but forgets the tail that leads to late si.ele really does not take party to eat because the two sides without compromise. It is a very good move inconsistent! the same way are those who place the sanctity speech as central to their prayers, when the family noticed noticed that the severity of them is only with the other.
the inconsistency has become a religion in a historical verdfadeiro barrel of povora. we have to remember that in the name of God have done MANY THE WILL OF THE DEVIL. this happened with the Catholics and then with the Calvinists, men are killing and killing on behalf of God's love. as we contradizentes.A inconsistency is a terrible disease, a kind of diseases of Conviviality to kill the souls of men.

SOME ACTS DEEMED Inconsistency


02 - the curses DELIVERED - usually curse SOME CHRISTIANS AND WISH TO EVIL PEOPLE leaving their AJUNTAMENTO. God will do this, will AQUILA WITH THIS carnal, worldly ETC. BUT THIS IS THE TRUE ATTITUDE embedded within CHRISTIANITY? NOW, IF THE CHILDREN AT CHURCH LOGO differs is the cry to God to Bring the QUERIDA SHEEP THAT depart from the herd. Poor guy, he was deceived by the DEVIL THAT PENALTY. It is REALLY OUR JUSTICE AS A TRAP FOR dirt, I put a cloth FULL SDR.

03 - The SALVATION - TALVI NOT HAVE A BACKGROUND IN HUMANITY THAT caused so much confusion and cause so much death NO 'PAST. SOME CHRISTIANS WANT TO TAKE YOU TO THE POSSESSION OF SALVATION and condemns all others. Those outside the Church of them, they say once it is saved by ignorance. But if it were ASSIM Ignorance would be more effective than the cross of Christ would CHINESE AND IN HEAVEN because if Man is saved by ignorance let THEM ignorant. DESTROY THE GOSPEL TO THE MORE THE MISSING Save. NOT A SALVATION PERTECE the Catholic Church, The EVANGELICAL BUT THE LORD GOD OF LIFE AND DEATH. Remember that there will be the FINAL JUDGE AND ALL MEN NELE be prosecuted, acquitted or convicted. Many churches do not like this idea as TIRA of which the possession of salvation that I think I have. BUT GOD IN HIS WISDOM Immense would not left to the mercy of a list of Strikethrough A LIST OF STATES, unless SALVATION is much higher that convictions of Adam, and that the SIN Achieving ALL MEN CATCHING THE SALVATION OF LIFE ESE, which in THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS OF MILLIONS. JUST FOR EXCLUSIVE party THEREFORE I believe are saved UNS AND MORE SPECIAL THAN OTHER MEN BUT WE ARE ALL sinners and miserable, unworthy of the benefits of DEUS.AQUELE GROUP please the Lord Amen, GOD HIS CARE BUT THE SALVATION is universal, NO If you leave just a ROL of members with a handful of CATS PINGO NEITHER CULTURAL CONCEPTS case and I think it is THAT MANY OF HIS HOLINESS THE PRINCIPLE AND SALVATION.



A THERAPY GROUP of friendship is SADIA

a amizadee benéfica

the beneficial amizadee

A THERAPY GROUP of friendship is SADIA

theologian joilson assis

have a friend is not an obligation but a great need of the soul. health and well being physical, mental and social. we have brotherhood of the soul, the friends are healthy for the soul and the body is good. human beings feel an incredible need to talk, play, smile because someone might be crazy for not having anyone to disturbs. need friends even if it is to laugh at us. the human being is a social being, when we find a single human being he must be a problem, a disease of Convivio. the solitude and the soul adoence rots the bones.
can not choose our parents or relatives but we can choose our friends and we certainly want this friendship to influence his life. people are locked and grouchy patients and the environment where adoence arrive. who exude an odor of criticism and anger, constant burning discomfort are sick and they have to consider other issues such as sexual problems, anciosiodade excessive, fear, fear so. the islamento the times is a sign that the soul is somehow sick and distress calls.
is happy, happy, and find a group of friends who are healthy and be happy !!!!!!!!!!



TO BEGIN THIS PART QUERO BEGIN SAYING THAT GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF SEX, which has ALL sexual organs of men and women and that sex is NOT a blessing and a curse as many believe.
God made their sexual orgaões with the same care that made all other organs and it has the pleasure that everybody can feel. evil is not on sex but on the way policy to deal with it, use it for. the sex is the area of the human and brings many complications because of the way to see him accept it. everyone who has sexual problems problem of coexistence and everyone who has problems of Convivio somehow have sexual problems.
like everything in life has to have order not to make a general mess, sex has its laws and orders, but have many sexual taboos in the area, other religions and laws created to hold absurd, omit the sex as much as possible. other general release but the anarchy never generated a healthy society in history. what? pretend that we do not have sexual organs?
the sex is part of the universal law of necessity, everything and everyone in this world needs. the plant needs water and land needs of the plant to fertilize itself. sex is the need for any other need, there is and should be covered under the laws and rules of the Word of God, society and culture that participamos.podemos mistakes before any need and suffer terrible but if someone misses in sexual is posted soon.
includes a healthy sex life healthy, wholesome family includes sex healthy, so we can not rule out the sex of our lives because he is our life.
the balance is the beginning of life and sex is no different, we must learn to deal with our own needs, we know that we are spirit and that meat and meat needs to be met to avoid the mad demais.devemos always observe the times and the seasons of the expressions of our needs and a way sanctified them for one or one that holds our love. be holy is to serve God exclusively and not pretend it does not have an organ that has blatant need as the stomach, for example.
equlibrio of the lack of humanity is also expressed in the idea of sex, some living as true libertine when exaggerate again and want to convert a lecture human existence without the sex, without the pleasure. God made the sex for pleasure and for reproduction. why some want to get the pleasure of sex requirements? God would be against pleasure? but that he enventou the pleasure? religions preached long suspected malignancy of the sex and even have armies of young virgins to confront the Islamic belief that the sanctity of your virginity victory that would mirim army. this army of children were wasted, destroyed. was not destroyed because all the compassion of warriors islamicos.veja the idea of the holiness of many, she has concentrated only in the legs of the faithful. their swords were poor, their pockets but the fraudulent idea that in the medieval mind was the sexual organs.
course each culture ten their way to see the sex, pleasure and faith and these forms must be respected. but the Bible presents sexual standards to be followed for our good, and that the concentration in this point made by the religious is a particular issue that comes from them their cultures individuais.a Bible says we should not tamper with, or the prostitute and all this is true and good for our life. points are now forgotten as the fact that Solomon servant of God has more than two thousand women and seticentas comcubinas ie women do not noble. The explanation is that? he could have a arem and the other not? the issue is the legality of the act and not the act itself. more than two thousand women in a room was considered normal and legal. will salamão was not sex with these women? but where is the beef? Abraham follow their culture and had two women and then of the widow Sarah married with QUENTURA which also received children. moral of the story: God has never been against sex and pleasure, but all this must have a legal basis before God and men not to hurt the moral law or the laws of nature own.
thinking of sin are not many women enjoy and give the limit relations made by their husbands, others generate a broqueio in their minds and never get the pleasure. husbands in the name of holiness or kiss their wives in the mouth and makes a poor sex with Fear of generating pleasure because it is pecado.estes are in their cultures and use the mental biblia to express their radical attitudes.
sex is on their associations such as the sex to involve some pain, the other safadeza, smarts, etc use. when associated to the sex of those bad feelings we are happy only when these feelings are clear and they are generally bleak. sex is simple and simpliscidade providing to man one of the biggest pleasures that life will offer. it is life and all came to this world through associate the sex never have to sin a healthy sex. desvaeio sexual sin is the failure of the commandments in the act but it is wonderful and santo.Não there is nothing more sublime than those of caricias who loves sex.
sexual structures of society - we have laws and these laws often independent of the will of the Bible, every human being has its own rules with regard to sex. estrupador see that it is death by inmates who do not support this kind of pecado.o sexual harassment is a law of society itself and old men took the pain of a woman offended. the law of the Bible are not subject to the laws of society but not breaking. Bible regards the whole culture but there are cultures that estrapolam radicalism in others that are more liberal.
someone in life can be happy without sex the more will never be complete without it. the human being is a product of two bands and one is female and the other is omasculino and both are complementary and mutually benefit. the sex is so important to contitui the best exercise that moves with each NCE homonio existing human being. And all this was that God did. the radical in this area is as harmful as liberalism, in both cases are generated monsters and damage throughout society. see the Indians, without written laws they keep a pattern, NNaO have crazy sex, manic and even their young naked virgin marry. while in the company of some radical white full of laws and taboos monsters and murderers have spoken in many deaths where the sex is involved.

theologian joilson assis

01 - AVOID THE CALLS CLIMATE, ENVIRONMENT closed with the opposite sex because they represent always a temptation for breaks any rules is HUMAN OR DIVINE.



04 - NOT expose the NEED NOT expose the THEIR NEED A husband or wife. THE NEED THE LAW VENCE, beating THE LAW, BREAKING THE LAW. ANY LAW becomes weak ON THE NEED. Remember this!

05 - learn to deal with THEIR SEXUAL NECESSIDADERS POIS deny it exists is PURE bullshit. Similarly we FOME WE HAVE TESA. Yes, we must not hide the sun with a sieve but above-LA IN SEARCH OF A DIVINE LEGALITY AND CULTURAL NOW THAT MAKES NO to separate the two. SEARCH ABOVE WHAT IN accommodate and wiser than hiding something obvious, something common to all living beings on Earth. It CASAR BETTER THAN IN burning Said the Apostle Paul WANT IN YOUR Epistles. VIEW AQUESTÃO and it is clear to itself, Ving THAT WE ARE NOT ADVANCE OF STONES, DIVINE or something.

06-develop in the sexual area and look to be a good lover to your wife or husband. Most marriages are just in bed.

07 - is not boring, too demanding or abused in sex. the abused like never please the partner and is the main purpose of sex, but to meet up meet. the priority must be like in aagradar.Lembre that sexual pleasure is a gift from God and the Bible tells enjoy. enjoy and savor, feel the deep flavors. discover the best way to love and be loved.

08 - AVOID YOUR CONVENIENCE ACCOUNTS SEXUAL, its weaknesses and weaknesses. ADDITION OF MINISTERS TO THE ACCOUNTS FOR SOMEONE YOU are playing to air what should be restricted VIDA.É YOUR VERY DIFFICULT keep a secret when it is distributed among more than two persons.

09 COM -CUIDADO the passions they are Désolé. The HEART Hunan, Engano MORE THAN ALL THINGS AND ALL THAT MUST SAVE, SAVE THE HEART MUST POIS HIS PROCEDURE, COME THE PORTALS OF LIFE. SEE THE BIBLE ENCOURAGES The monitoring and FERRENHA GUARD OF THE HEART. It is the human heart aconde is the greatest battles of human is the most ferrenhas and dangerous battles are being fought are provided in the human heart. The good and evil not only in arrodeia, they are within us and in terrible battles in trying to manipulate the whole time. the human heart is a battlefield where battles are taking place and terrible conflict without equal.



theologian joilson of assistance

Our plans for the present and future must be well prepared not to suffer. If we do things and then suffer badly prepared we will not give the poor, placing the blame on somebody, some system or God. We must walk the limits of our legs. Really do what I do and not what I want. If I can not think 100 reais to buy a car, I want to purchase a maximum of a bicycle. We must be realistic and do and do only what is in our reach.
Should be in the human heart a desire to grow and acquire great position to achieve what you want. But while this is not true in its entirety should know in a clear vision, our limitations. If I can not eat a caviar as a steak with all satisfaction acebolado if it can not even, as egg. All this within a progressive vision that admits to be, but admit it will remain. Not advance beyond, because our whole attitude has its price. This vision must extend to all areas of life. In the financial area, I want to mirror and I do the same things that set a better person than me. In the sentimental area can not imitating other couples or requiring the same of my spouse attitudes of our partner can be a great mistake to disrupt the family unhappy. Each has planted and what if someone aims Lake plant, as is still time. You should treat working with what you have. Want to move forward without structure is the same thing to want to build a house without the base.
Recognizing our limitations is not associated with accommodated in them. Making an analysis of our limitations is a great chance to reduce them in the power of God through his wisdom. Certainly, through this vision, to get success without, however sacrifice our happiness and peace. Be constant is better than having a great progress in a great speed and then stop.
Even when our steps are small, they are in, get very far. Because who goes to many steps, no need to run in the final. Notice that a small ant-distance walks, although it has little legs, but the pace of your journey leads to the distant places.
If we can not jump over the mountains, yes we can, climb them and cross them. Is at once something we can, many times who knows? See Lula!
Our limitations when we increase or in circles without a destination. When our steps are little, what counts is the race, the determination of our journey.
We can not afford to stop and look at the landscape as the others that are structured. It is necessary to overcome the limitations with our feet on the ground and without exaggeration nor accommodation.

"It's the age of reason where commit our biggest bullshit" Joilson of Assisi



Everyone has a culture, it was educated and grew through it. The culture concerns the ethics and concepts from within a group. Customs, practices, vision, ways and beliefs are part of objective culture. What I want to mention that culture is not related to education, the intelligentsia, but to the set of ethical standards of living obtained through the group. Group in the relationship will emerge with time standards that will be embedded within the participants to the point, which becomes part of your existence. Each group has a culture which itself is subdivided into sub-cultures, eg Brazil, with its culture is subdivided into different cultures. If you are living in the Rio Grande and travel south into the northeast really see what I mean.
We have a culture and mixed neophyte. We have only five hundred years of history, that before countries like Japan and Egypt is only a small portion of their stories that have thousands of years. There are cultures that facilitate the acculturated and the other destroys. Some cultures liberate and strengthen their participants the other handcuffs causing them to misery and shame. Cultures peaceful, moderate, violent, awful and hardheaded. The fault has not been acculturated is being hampered by their beliefs and concepts, as it was emerging that has become something in your life.
Believing that the Bible is the word of God, can I renew by my understanding. So I can not get out of my soul to the culture that is born, but I can improve it in the word of God, taking away some and adding other attitudes. The Church must respect the culture to the point that it regards the word of God.
Let's do some analysis and constructive criticism to understand the truths of God. We must examine and retain ALL the well, so we can look on crops to help the good things in our growth as a person. In cultural analysis must take care to not absorb that tradition that brings evils.
Our culture has wonderful things, but I want to mention those who are negative to the positive for adding transformed into the other. In a general aspect the Brazilian does not much value to education, but the possession, forgetting that the main well of the man is the knowledge that they have. Studied little and learned to be subjugated to someone. A couple finishes the first grade, the work will earn two salaries least, home, and now seems incredible that feels safe and carried out; studying more and no longer want to rent this small raise children and keep their old age. Stopped immediately when we found the word difficult. Indeed, everything in life is difficult, especially which is very good. Many turn to the difficult impossible, however, all difficulties must be overcome in favor of our goal. Another aspect that we find is the way to look at the lives of our comrades and see their success. We look to our own lives and resources and find alternatives to improve these. Looking quite the life outside, lose the attention of our. Constraints already some unscrupulous people who enter the personal financial lives and as such were entitled to speculate area, it brings a crop badly drafted.
The message of a culture can be a blessing in our life, can cause achievements. A great example: if we look with eyes of students, the headquarters of the Japanese people to know and be prepared, it would bless. A nation influenced the samurai culture gives a lesson in the world of work and dedication to making. The contemplation of the Jewish culture coming from rabbis may be one way to God bless his people, which easily becomes a financial power where enough. The culture of caste in India can be a stumbling block to economic development, social and spiritual that nation. A people who do not respond to deprivation state and never will accept it. Indeed what many need is not the breaking of curses, but an improvement of their culture, their world view. If you stop and wait for God to bring us all in our homes, we are making a big mistake. In the struggle, the Lord will give us the victory, as Jacob in the valley of JABOQUE.
The family culture must be observed, since they can bless or curse. If it is perceived that the culture that their parents passed to you are not building and brings you success, just ask God to shape it or change it quickly. Children of lazy parents, accommodated, greedy, wrathful should ask the transformations. This does not mean they are bad, perhaps influenced by their ancestors. If the children of these parents do not realize, imitarão the culture of their ancestors. I sometimes say that the spirits use these evils destroy whole families for cultural, defeating them one by one, within a culture evil.
Jesus the Christ sent from God to save us, we want to generate a successful and progressive culture. Through word of God, can do a self analysis of our culture and leave only positive aspects. See the cultures of distant peoples, assimilate and practice the only good things to be a target sought by all believers progressive. When we learn to die, is the analysis and the learning success and the best weapon to avoid problems. Already in the sentimental cultural difference can be a destructive bomb. It is clear that in any marriage there is a cultural difference, but when it is too large can be dangerous. I believe in the relationship in differences appear uneven and in some cases incredible dissatisfaction with the spouse. The marriage should be: two primary cultures that fuse into one, which is the emerging home. It would be the same thing to have two different instruments playing the same rhythm. Are different, but playing the same chords. The biggest mistake is that we find the same instruments playing in different rhythms, bringing with it confusion. This makes it difficult to tune and harmonic destruction comes as a result of this question. As I do not believe in reincarnation is my target to be happy now, now, not in a fictitious life. The family culture can bless or curse a child, and this is why she should be well considered to realize a failure to fix immediately.
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the law is all about men

theologian joilson of assistance

the law is all about men, it is autonomy and to God the creator of the same concerns and meets. some religious they are more special than the other men and break many laws, so they come on the sword of these laws broken. laws in the same and when this is not alleviated by other it is cold and cruel to them.


The universe is full of laws, a tangle of laws that apply to Merge. These laws are independent and live as a person.


There are laws for everything: laws of science, genetics, physics, mathematics, biology, laws, moral, cultural, laws of matter, the spirit, of conscience and imagination, laws of the angelic world, the fallen angels, laws of faith. Laws, laws and more laws. They can be governed, flexible, tolerable, atenuáveis. When we think of laws similar to the stiffness, but it brings to me a law. The science, physics, biology, materials that are only studying certain ordinances of nature.
When these laws are breached bring evil and destruction. In many cases, these disasters, the question arises: Where is God? Example: If a couple on a beach dating solve dark in an hour rather dangerous, they are breaking several laws. First it is the law of nature that says there is a predator and a prey, in this case, the couple becomes an easy prey for the predator which in turn may be a robber, manic, etc..
The rules laid down by Almighty Making men equal in all directions. Example: a person who in his powerful car off at a speed too great, is subject to harsh penalties of the rules that their attitudes are breaking. In addition to the known laws of transit, the rules of nature are there to make us equal. This driver is pious or not a simple flat tire can end your life. A dog, ox, can severely interrupt your journey bringing destruction and chaos. If a coincidence this happens, the family can say: Where was God and the protection described in the Bible. The children of God must know that by occupying a position so important before the great Father, does not mean that your life will be free of any rule of nature. To better understand another example: If someone takes your child to a place the night amidst the cold and lack of coat, is violating a basic rule of its bio system, or body. If this child will become seriously ill the blame on the parents than with their nescidez broke the law.
My people suffer for lack of knowledge is the great cry of God for the sleepers and inconsistent than that growing in grace and knowledge of the supreme and eternal creator of all things. That is wise it is healthy and the pursuing peace. The laws of God as the system that he created called nature exist for our own good and not to show an authoritarian character of a Lord who organized everything. It is as if someone builds a house without roof, when the rain could not claim the meso and if someone does a prevention to avoid having many children is the same situation. This line of thought we find the reason of why many accidents.
Already in the unknown, evil is by not knowing the rules and for this reason the break and the damage came as a result. For this to happen is not necessary that in the unknown: total take care not to be caught unnoticed by any law. The laws of the great architect are limitations he established for his own creation. People who fight against these rules will pay with life or great suffering. Watch this example: a certain depth the diver in the sea can not rise rapidly, will sometimes stop on its journey to your brain does not create air bubbles and it will die. This is a law. Whatever you be diver, a king or dominator very famous, anyone pay.
The limits are in all parties and the presence shows that there is a God and that we are too limited. In this system the causes and results interleave is producing a huge circuit of life. The laws of nature are merciless and never make a distinction. When I read Revelation and other books that speak of eschatology and see those horrible disaster and future disasters see the result of our own attitudes and hardheaded greedy. What is written in Revelation is, in some cases, we build the future today. The man seems a great suicidal if not respect the laws of the Almighty. When the man USA products that destroy the ozone layer it is suicide and killing their children and grandchildren. The ignorance of man and the eco system reaches the absurd! Coming straight from their greed, until some current religions and philosophical. I know with certainty that the results show that many are ignorant of future disasters, which the book of Revelation reports.
Faith brings several rules, laws that many of them serve to reduce or even cancel others. If the faith is well observed, you can show us many solutions, bringing incalculable benefits. As you may have the notion, everything and everyone can bring in a rule. The laws are in all parts, knowledge or ignorance of those who is producing the difference. However, all part of knowledge as something transcendent to man, which the search will not be defeated. Knowledge is so important that the people have become more important and stronger than the others. An example: perhaps driving the truck, I, who do not know, fill it. Who knows who dominates and is dominated not know. Both in the spiritual world as the material knowledge makes a difference in every way. Knowledge is power. The wisdom enriches the soul and comforts the body, is weapon of defense and attack. It is the path that the dead must follow to know the mind of the infinite. Who despises the wisdom and knowledge, and who despises the happiness does not look life is foolish and suffering will always be with him. Enter the tent of meditation is to enter the tent of tranquility. God is wisdom and science and the person represents to me the well of logic and harmony. Studying the laws of God is a great need for those who want to be happy and prosperous. Living is to examine and learn, who recognizes this is a winner. Learn where to go and a goal is essential. Because who does not know where to go, does not reach anywhere. Beware of the laws, because if the break suffer. It is law in everything there is law, and all have their share. It exists independent of our will and independent of our wish to reach.



The financial area of a person is very important because with some bad in this area, life run a risk of disorder and imbalance. Jesus Christ through His word gives us wisdom enough to succeed in the financial area. I can say with all certainty that, in this chapter that will change their vision out about finances.
To begin we will examine a biblical fact happened many years ago, the dream of Pharaoh and the interpretation thereof by the servant of God, Joseph Someone may ask me: what is there this dream with my financial life? When you read the verse given notice that the main characters in the dream are seven fat cows and seven skinny cows, seven fat and seven thin ears. In continuation of the dream of the king, both cows and the ears were eaten by skinny fat. This will scare the King Pharaoh did not know that scene would be horrendous. When the Servant of God Joseph was called the presence of Pharaoh and interpreted the dream, have the following conclusions: there would be seven years of abundance, where the land to produce any force. Should also be seven years of drought, after the seven years of abundance, which consumed all resources.
After the conversation with Pharaoh and the interpretation of the dream that came from heaven, the missionary gave Joseph a very wise advice to Pharaoh that he was sending politically organize putting governors on earth and saving the provisions of the first seven years of plenty. Planted and stored the maximum they could.
In life there are periods of fat cows and lean periods, but if we act in good time, when it comes to bad there is no damage and in addition, be in a better position and better structured than that of before. This was the case with Pharaoh as well as not dying of hunger, his country saw no opinion without resources. Contrary to this, he became increasingly wealthy, bought many lands and many acquired wealth. The truth is that we spend much time in good and when it comes to dry and we are unprepared needs.
This Bible verse can be used to sense if lifespan, but also in the period of youth and old age. When we're young at that time of fat cows and ears. We are strong, determined and have courage enough to face adversity. Then comes the age, period of lean, difficult time where the forces are not the same, the arrangement is sparse. If we do when young people should grow as much as we can and structure our lives, when we reach old age in addition to provisions guaranteed terms, we have wealth in difficult times. How many people you know, when young people were wasting money and health, all spent with orgies or hardheaded attitudes. Now in another period they spend enormous difficulties. Do not worry about structuring your life, dig into their own wells. Not set targets, not studied and not remiram the time, or not taken the time. Indeed collect everything planted. An example: when a young, still very new, wasting his life, beauty and vitality in the orgy, or even with hardheaded attitudes, can not complain when you get to an age in which a marriage can be a very difficult task.
The board is friend to plant as much as you can pick up and store. Do not forget to plant the bomb. This revelation can now take your mind in several directions and I am sure the Holy Spirit of God will make this happen. Such revelations can fit in various life situations. Another small example: In a marriage we have such periods and the previous rule is repeated if the hard times we live the good or bad will be perceived in terms of emotional damage. If you love to heart and let the happiness flow in our lives we are storing love, affection, affection, understanding for the periods tortuous. That friend, the maximum plant it, enjoy every period of his life. Remember that satisfaction does not mean accommodation.
Study, design work and life is a great need. Well to change the life situations of our country, and the irregularities, we must first change our own. Grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord is renewed by the power of understanding is the wish of future success in the financial area. To change the financial life is often necessary to change the cultural conceptions of persons. There are people who find a job that offers a minimum salary every month, where houses with it, and want to live with this money and the rest of life. We have a progressive life and seek growth in all directions. We create goals, clear targets and wins that last the entire life "(Vieira Valdemir Sales). Avoid getting involved in useless and trivial things, which cause confusion and no progress. Look for the progress of studies in business. Be agile and active, because the biggest problem for some is the fact that walk sleepy as if thousands of years to achieve their goals.
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The need for grounding OUR LIFE

the structure without doing anything is crazy

NOT ABOUT THE STRUCTURE out awful shame and humiliation, AND ARE SUBJECT TO MEN whims of greed and arrogant. JOILSON DE ASSIS

The need for grounding OUR LIFE

"Every one therefore who hears these my words and practice, resembles him to wise man who built his house upon the rock and the rain fell, and rivers ran, and winds blow, and fought that house and not dropped, because it was built on the rock. He who hears these my words, and fails, to compare him to the foolish man who built his house on sand.
... "It was great to his fall." MT. 7:24,25
To say that I start doing things badly done is worse than doing nothing; Because when you do not have prejudice nothing difficult, but things badly made, badly finished will always losses. In light of this verse brings us many revelations, both on the practice floor and on the structure that the wise man always seeks. The consequences of a good structure is security, stability. The consequences of hardheaded attitudes and structures is not necessarily a fall, injury and suffering. Everything in life should be structured; Life emotional, spiritual, financial, ideological, religious, etc.. Finally, all our in us must be structured. The stock does not seek the rock, do not worry about the future of their building. Things done without structure, the actual time the task to destroy. Look for the structure, is not at the mercy of time.
The financial situation of our country is no excuse to be always in the financial mire. CRISIS show me a time without crisis, where everyone had no money and the poor. There was crisis in the empire when started early in the monarchy in Brazil, when the crisis came out of a monarchy, the military regime in crisis, the revolutions in the presidential system, when we began to elect by voting our president; Crisis with Collor de Mello, Itamar Franco, Fernando Henrique, with ... The world will always be in crisis, financial difficulties of organization. If we enter this wave, and never have anything or be anything. There is a crisis? But, this does not prevent my victory in Christ Jesus.
If we structure our life security in times of instability. This does not mean that we will be rich, but we have a financial structure that will ensure our well being. Is that in time of crisis does not sell new cars? Does anyone these days eat well, dress well and come? If you are in crisis now, go to the supermarket and start to see people shopping, you notice that those who have always crowded the door of his car trunk of food, and there is no crisis for them? The truth is that they are more structured than you. Needs when they move, the unstructured be dead from hunger. The truth is that regardless of the system, always have people who have adapted to it and are successful. Since the beginning of the human race is so, is not it now be changed. At the exchange, at the time of the power of the crown and title of nobility, on the steel and the war in the days of the great empires, systems and kings, of gunpowder, the discovery of mechanical, etc.. where people were successful and people passing destructured difficulties. Jesus gives us wisdom to be always prepared to deal with "the wind, the rain, floods of rivers" and they do not destroy our house. We must be radical in this area because it is radical to us. Example: If someone is dying in the hospital and the family has no money to pay for treatment, he certainly die. Whether that something more radical? The world treats people for what they have and not for what they are. Never (humanly speaking) change.
I have a question, answer right away: Who is that God loves more, the HIGH POUSADA YOUR HOME WITH ALL YOUR OR THE POOR Mordomo under the bridge go hungry and sell their FILHOPS in misery? My answer is: God loves all of the same way. The fact is the rich and the poor in different situations is not of God, are consequences of various actions, because everything that man reap this plant. A blessing and a blessing draws another abyss called another abyss. Structure your life and you will be in the position of calling blessing blessing.
"Or what I king, going to war to war against another king, is not the first to take advice on whether you can leave with ten thousand to meet the coming against him with twenty thousand? Another way, the other far, send ambassadors, and asks conditions of peace "Luke 14:31,32.
In these verses we see that a wise king before going to war: stop, think, consult the advisers and to finally make a wise decision. The king of that situation was difficult and precarious conditions, as was half of the number of enemy warriors. Before taking any decision we have to stop, pray and think and analyze. The financial life is so, if we do everything that comes into our head certainly suffer. We have to be analytical and logical act. If we want to find something, but with caution.
Do things without planning is foolish. Projects not override the power of God and not the action of the Holy Spirit in your life. Undoes but the disaster and disruption. Consult advisers or wise is important because each area of your life is a wise man who can guide you. Nescidez we think is wise and self sufficient. We must follow our path always targeted. So, is this message for all. Stop and think before acting is not wasting time, but gain peace and strength in what we do. When analyzing lake be sure to create a balance between the pros and cons, depending on our will because we tend to cancel one or the other to achieve our desire.
"Ask, and given to you to. Seek and find, knock and open it you will. Why, one that asks, receives, and to search, find, and opens to the beat. " Mt 7:7,8.
Who is looking. If you are looking to find alternatives for sure! But someone may say: "I seek, but not found." If tried and found it was not attempted because of the wrong way. The law of God tells us that those who seek find, and anyone who asks receives beats opens. When I'm behind a project financial personifies me as a hunter who leaves behind his hunting rare. When I'm behind my eyes everything looking game, and when the meeting would not escape.
Make plans and goals, seek to keep financial targets and study the best ways to achieve success in pursuit of the dream mind.
"Drink the water in your tank, and your current window." Prov. 5:15.
This verse can be fully used on the conjugal life and of man's fidelity to his wife. However, I use it as an introduction to biblical philosophy major. Well, due to geographical position and climate of Israel, was of great importance to all people. The patriarchs of the tribe ever tried digging a well to support the same. The man always looking to dig a well safety and stability, and there were those who spent years, many years digging your own well, for USA water itself and not be dependent on others. Generally, today in Israel this philosophy remains, and the wells continue to be a source of prosperity and stability. Today in most cases the wells are dug in the rocks or beside them. Well digging into the stone is very difficult, but they dig. I believe that the Northeast was in the hands of the Jews who today are one of the most developed agriculture in the world, the Northeast would not be going hungry and waiting for rain.
In the area of search for resources to be a digger of wells. We dig our own source for the sources not dependent on others and not be at the mercy of time. No use to take a large and beautiful garden with a pool too small, because if we do so the disappointment will be great. The best source is a more than garden. People who want to be very comfortable, nice house, car, etc.. with only a minimum wage will slaughter your soul and your mind leading to the disruption. A big mistake that is committed aguar want a large garden with a little well. Be clear with yourself and only spend what they really can. If you win 100 only spend 70 and save the rest for digging a well. Someone can tell me. "This will not do, it is very difficult." Be successful and prosperous is not easy, because if everyone would. The cavação a well to be his main target and expense. To dig a source you should know that we must begin, if not as the first step never pursued the dream will be reality. The problem often is in our little faith in the lack of initiative or the presence of a culture accommodative.
It is good to have multiple sources, it will support the other one at a time of scarcity. In their excavation projects do not forget that a project has two faces: the planning and implementation;
NO PLANEJAMETO - can not miss, see all the points, that is good and negative. See others who are in class and has some experience. Everything we do must be designed and if we know we are already projecting a winning percentage of 50% of victory. IMPLEMENTATION - Some very well know design, Pore in the implementation fail or simply not performing. Project, but at the time of project implementation or fail to leave after. Design what can not run is not feasible and attitude of silly. If you are designing and realizing that it is impracticable to implement do not think twice to change your project. On the issue of implementing projects like show an example: two men received a challenge to fill in a time with water bottles. After the competition the judging committee would give the victory to whoever has put the most water inside the bottles. The amount of water was free, but the time was limited. He started the competition, and soon the two competitors have their way of filling the bottles. Began in a rush on bottled water wells to achieve your goal with it. The other also got rushed to fill the bottles one by one. The end result of this competition, was the victory of what would fill one by one, as well as not wasting water much better he hit the mouth of the bottle that is small. The other addition to spending lots of water, broke a few and did not obtain the expected success in its haste. The lives of the story is: run the project design is wiser to try to run several meso time. If we do not have to run several structures at the same time, we will lose resources, have losses instead of profits. In implementing the logic of a project should be 70%, to 30% emotion and firmness should abound in our hearts. If we have little ammunition, no use is risky, we have set targets with the lowest percentage of possible risk and then fire them. Another example: if you study nursing for the second year and changes to accounting and then switch to engineering, business administration, languages ... Will spend four or five years and in the end you will be NOTHING. Think about it, start and end look. Because the success of heart for the chase. It's amazing how some people are accommodated. They go ahead and stop at the first obstacle and back. Swim, swim, they die on the edge of the beach. People without goals, without dynamic, no faith are subject to. We are satisfied with what God has given us but, as already stated, satisfaction does not mean accommodation. We must build an empire for us and our children. Without financial resources will be open to humiliation and subjection to the unjust, the impious, which does not think much to step on our head. The servants of God should dominate on the wicked, then, so he will judge the right time, with justice and fear of the Lord.
Working day and night not to be a heavy one is the great example of Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles. It is true that whenever we need one of the other, but this does not mean is subject to heavy and brother. Each should have its own resources, because unlike the suffering is unavoidable. We must be prepared to face alone, because in our culture tend to expect a lot of others, the government etc.. expect much of others when the result may be disappointing and not achieving what we want. We must know that our happiness depends on God and our attitudes and therefore the Lord will lead people to help. But before I help someone, but that God help you, if you need help. Need to react to situations, to change the minds and attitudes, go to fight and so will the other aid as consequences. Someone may ask God what faras for me? God answers: child before you got your answer that question: "what you can do for yourself?" He said to me: Son of man, you stand and speak with "Ezekiel 2:1. God speaks to man, but only after taking the same attitude, a position. God wants to talk to the man as I speak to Ezekiel, but only spoke to the prophet after he was standing. If we want to take a position on the life and the Lord, the Spirit itself will help us take this position.
Men who do not take serious and firm attitude in life, will not be able to generate the same, but the direction they will move to the situations. Or you drive or are driven, not led to where I go. Find what you want and go from the accommodation. "Well, I prefer the anguish of searching for that peace of accommodation." Valdemir Vieira. Because everything that man reap this plant. Plante work, wisdom, dedication, faith and reap a quiet and peaceful life.

It is to be extruded out of the mercy of greed. JOILSON THEOLOGY OF ASSISI



Abundance FOR GOD
theologian joilson of assistance

Be decimated is a great way to avoid problems, many ills, is to be a partner with God in his work. The tithe is not an obligation but a duty, not because we live under the law. Who does not decimate not lose the salvation and is not cursed. God does not punish leading to misery. As some say: If you do not give the tithe you will lose your job, health, structure, opportunities, etc.. None; The tithe is not to curse, but there is that to bless USA such faith. I am surprised with some preachers to frighten the people: If you will not decimate this or that. With words so I am really afraid of God even. You do not have this defect in his character. I give the tithe is not because God does not thus destroy my income, I leave in misery. This is not my God, not decimate it miserable. I give my tithe as proof of faith and detachment from material goods. Like our father Abraham gave the tithe to exist before the law, Jacob, etc.. as proof of their faith and detachment and were tremendously blessed I will be.
Tithe is ten percent of income we have. Do not give the tithe of the gross capital or the capital, but only for profit. The greedy man to God to show their poverty of spirit and mind with its offers of crumbs. But the good man will know that back with gratitude to the blessed. The tithe is not to cause fear but faith. If I do not give the tithe, God I destroy, I will NOT poverty. However, if the DER DÍSIMO Serei GRANDE ON EARTH, HOW WAS Blessed Abraham, Jacob and ALL who took such an attitude. Serei SOCIO OF GOD!
It is as if by car, if not give the tithe will continue at the same speed. God does not furará my tires, or merge my engine and not the bar in my direction will torada.
If I give tithe, the Spirit of faith and wisdom poisons the engine of my car (without reducing the time of my engine), and multiplies my petrol light ten times my headlamp. Strengthens my brakes increases the sharpness of my vision through my to breeze. And then, out of the medium. There are mysteries in the tithe.
The tithe was not to curse but to bless. The fear that by giving their tithes are fleeing the true biblical sense and hurting the God Almighty. You do not want you to do anything to him for fear, obligation, but for love and faith. Nor is this: I give tithe today, for the next month, I expect an increase of one hundred percent on my salary or on my sales. In the second month, I scratch a car, because I am the son of king. In the third month I want an income that is no longer obliged to work every day, and in a further three months of work preaching only live in places that need the word as London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and some Caribbean countries, the board of those "uncomfortable" transatlantic. This avoids all sense of what God wants us to do.
When we have the privilege of giving the tithe, we are heavily involved in regenerating and saving work of Christ Jesus, we are giving the same conditions to advance in their fight for the kingdom of God. The promises are real and blessing is guaranteed, because God is not man to mislead or fail to fulfill what it promised. The true sign that God and eternal covenant of faith that results in a stage of life full of blessings and achievements. We must learn to do things for love and not by the threat of pain. Be decimated is for God is abundant. Because in the beginning the church was well, until arriving to give all his property to the apostles, but it could rip the Bible in this part. We have to be rich for God with our pocket and not only with our empty words, but with the first of all our resources. But the petty do not understand this.
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