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Monday, April 27, 2009


theologian joilson of assistance

Everything in life is politics, policy embraces all areas of life HUMANA.A family has its politics, politics is at work in the church is what we see. the human being is a being highly politicized.
The church at times the policy rate as filthy, diabolica etc. but always runs late in the political needs. imagine if no Christians in politics and come on dominates us wicked atheists and libertine? the view of some religious antipolitica is inconsistent because the policy was the area that God has acted more in the past. not say that! I say yes. Come on: Abrão benenifiado was a pharaoh, a politician of the time. josé was received by a pharaoh's political season. Abraham fought against the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, the war was a policy. Saul, David, who both admire salonão ERAM PO-LI-TI-COS! ENTIRE BIBLE IS FULL OF POLITICS AND POLITICAL HEROES AND MAIN Jewish DAVI How were politicians. describes the books of the chronicles of the kings of israel life, Jesus came from royal family, or policy of israel.josé Egypt was vice president of Egypt, sadraque, mesaque, abedenego was a kind of mayor of Babylon and Daniel, who prayed three times daily was GOVERNOR! Jeez Furada THEOLOGY THAT THAT MANY NAILS. These concepts is not the culture of our region that have thieves in their rulers, terrible when it becomes a time does justice to the name you give them.
the thing that God has more in the old testament was political. remove kings, raises others, turned out one another. squeeze the Bible is one of the first words out is our culture politica.como interfere in our faith and the sanctity of the times is just some nonsense of their minds I was making a list of several politicians from the Bible would pages to describe it. kings against prophets, prophets promoting kings, prophets and kings putting building, killing kings prophets. how policy has in our Bible? say that God does not put the policy is wrong to lie to the Bible full of politics, wars, monarchies, crowns and thrones.
the church's medieval history was also benefited by the policies exempolo Martin Luther himself who was favored by the German king, or the king of alamenha he was tired of all Roma take money through indugencias. Luther was also saved and favored by the king of Germany that criteria aloud: German money to the Germans. Roman Catholicism was favored by King Constantine who took the church of the catacombs to the palaces. King Constantine received the very church that was once known as the religion of the poor and miserable now became the religion of nobles. Calvino was received by his political genever that liked the idea of lending money with interest and still go to heaven. liked the idiologia Calvinist that wealth would be more evidence of the acceptance of God. they were rich and liked the idea of being special from the womb. that good huh? throughout history we find Christianity being received by the political and transforming the world to help them. Since he received gifts of Abraham dearest of enteressado pharaoh who was his wife, who gave an expensive present principle of wealth to Abraham and his generation to the king who helped Luther in Germany and sponsored its idiologias.
the idea that Christians should stay away from all party politics and inconsistent and easily Demont at the biblical stories. I saw a sister preach against using the political dreams of josé josé but forgot that she was a vice president of Egypt and because of his friendship with israel became pharaoh to live on earth to enjoy a delightful land which made them grow and enrich. forgotten that the beginning of their manufacture was given a job that her husband had with a member of my area since it was first dele.caixas of jewels and umaconta wide, full of money to enrich you, now independent of politics as has the its structure fold of the malignancy in church policy. and then of the rich and fattening MAGINALIZAM BY A POLICY.
The policy is a difficult area but the action CHURCH SHOULD ALSO BE It. What happens is a lack of political and descriterio we put in power and who are nice, Santinho not entering politics to make difereça.não there is no church that has a hand in the middle and politioca actually joined by a agromerado of people just have a poolitica. see those groups of people late for work, once a group is formed there, another here, and so on. this is politics. the political party has its dangers and the church should maintain caution in approaching it because the love of power is greater than the love of vida.porém the area of policy is an area of action of Christians.

01 - remain cautious with the policy and does not lead to serious political issues as if they were personal. respond to the level of words bad words that were received.

02 - must save their friends and not demand that those who do vote. the policy is only a few months but the friends are for life. nobody is obliged to believe what we believe and what we want to vote.

03 - the defects of my enemies do not equate my qualities - Gerald alkimim

04 - Avoid the assirramento animals, calm, is always in the field of ideas. not make a god of your political or idologo, politics and business only.

05 - avoid insulting the rival groups and not go to another local group identified with the color of his party.

06 - is subtle and there is easy, the church is of several minds contituida, avoid making the church a committee. working in the delicacy, subtlety without exageiros.

07 - promises to care because they can make us delirious and out of sense of responsibility, the real sense of things and facts.

08 - avoid the fanatics on those policies could be violent when frustrated.

09 - try to compromise with those who have committed to you. is not silly, everything in life is a game and political interests and is not linked to the interests of love and friendship. these interests and there should be clear, the commitments are clear and with witnesses. "Ah, then I see something for you" this conversation has frustrated the many.

10 - if you do not like her politics or not between the use, be real with yourself.

11 - be careful with the political party and to win only between and not to lose be frustrated and deceived.

12 - this conversation that vote on brother brother and now enricoumuita people frustrated crowd. the vote should be aware of the fact because someone pertecer not the same sisterhood gives it the privilege of my vote.

13 - we have to expose our ideas clearly and stay away from all that tries to pick the fool with silly conversations.

14 - spent the time that Christians acted as extreme land, hiding scared of the powerful. Nops God has given the spirit of boldness and power, we have to impose in this world for the good of Christendom.