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Monday, April 27, 2009



Everyone has a culture, it was educated and grew through it. The culture concerns the ethics and concepts from within a group. Customs, practices, vision, ways and beliefs are part of objective culture. What I want to mention that culture is not related to education, the intelligentsia, but to the set of ethical standards of living obtained through the group. Group in the relationship will emerge with time standards that will be embedded within the participants to the point, which becomes part of your existence. Each group has a culture which itself is subdivided into sub-cultures, eg Brazil, with its culture is subdivided into different cultures. If you are living in the Rio Grande and travel south into the northeast really see what I mean.
We have a culture and mixed neophyte. We have only five hundred years of history, that before countries like Japan and Egypt is only a small portion of their stories that have thousands of years. There are cultures that facilitate the acculturated and the other destroys. Some cultures liberate and strengthen their participants the other handcuffs causing them to misery and shame. Cultures peaceful, moderate, violent, awful and hardheaded. The fault has not been acculturated is being hampered by their beliefs and concepts, as it was emerging that has become something in your life.
Believing that the Bible is the word of God, can I renew by my understanding. So I can not get out of my soul to the culture that is born, but I can improve it in the word of God, taking away some and adding other attitudes. The Church must respect the culture to the point that it regards the word of God.
Let's do some analysis and constructive criticism to understand the truths of God. We must examine and retain ALL the well, so we can look on crops to help the good things in our growth as a person. In cultural analysis must take care to not absorb that tradition that brings evils.
Our culture has wonderful things, but I want to mention those who are negative to the positive for adding transformed into the other. In a general aspect the Brazilian does not much value to education, but the possession, forgetting that the main well of the man is the knowledge that they have. Studied little and learned to be subjugated to someone. A couple finishes the first grade, the work will earn two salaries least, home, and now seems incredible that feels safe and carried out; studying more and no longer want to rent this small raise children and keep their old age. Stopped immediately when we found the word difficult. Indeed, everything in life is difficult, especially which is very good. Many turn to the difficult impossible, however, all difficulties must be overcome in favor of our goal. Another aspect that we find is the way to look at the lives of our comrades and see their success. We look to our own lives and resources and find alternatives to improve these. Looking quite the life outside, lose the attention of our. Constraints already some unscrupulous people who enter the personal financial lives and as such were entitled to speculate area, it brings a crop badly drafted.
The message of a culture can be a blessing in our life, can cause achievements. A great example: if we look with eyes of students, the headquarters of the Japanese people to know and be prepared, it would bless. A nation influenced the samurai culture gives a lesson in the world of work and dedication to making. The contemplation of the Jewish culture coming from rabbis may be one way to God bless his people, which easily becomes a financial power where enough. The culture of caste in India can be a stumbling block to economic development, social and spiritual that nation. A people who do not respond to deprivation state and never will accept it. Indeed what many need is not the breaking of curses, but an improvement of their culture, their world view. If you stop and wait for God to bring us all in our homes, we are making a big mistake. In the struggle, the Lord will give us the victory, as Jacob in the valley of JABOQUE.
The family culture must be observed, since they can bless or curse. If it is perceived that the culture that their parents passed to you are not building and brings you success, just ask God to shape it or change it quickly. Children of lazy parents, accommodated, greedy, wrathful should ask the transformations. This does not mean they are bad, perhaps influenced by their ancestors. If the children of these parents do not realize, imitarão the culture of their ancestors. I sometimes say that the spirits use these evils destroy whole families for cultural, defeating them one by one, within a culture evil.
Jesus the Christ sent from God to save us, we want to generate a successful and progressive culture. Through word of God, can do a self analysis of our culture and leave only positive aspects. See the cultures of distant peoples, assimilate and practice the only good things to be a target sought by all believers progressive. When we learn to die, is the analysis and the learning success and the best weapon to avoid problems. Already in the sentimental cultural difference can be a destructive bomb. It is clear that in any marriage there is a cultural difference, but when it is too large can be dangerous. I believe in the relationship in differences appear uneven and in some cases incredible dissatisfaction with the spouse. The marriage should be: two primary cultures that fuse into one, which is the emerging home. It would be the same thing to have two different instruments playing the same rhythm. Are different, but playing the same chords. The biggest mistake is that we find the same instruments playing in different rhythms, bringing with it confusion. This makes it difficult to tune and harmonic destruction comes as a result of this question. As I do not believe in reincarnation is my target to be happy now, now, not in a fictitious life. The family culture can bless or curse a child, and this is why she should be well considered to realize a failure to fix immediately.
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