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Monday, April 27, 2009

A THERAPY GROUP of friendship is SADIA

a amizadee benéfica

the beneficial amizadee

A THERAPY GROUP of friendship is SADIA

theologian joilson assis

have a friend is not an obligation but a great need of the soul. health and well being physical, mental and social. we have brotherhood of the soul, the friends are healthy for the soul and the body is good. human beings feel an incredible need to talk, play, smile because someone might be crazy for not having anyone to disturbs. need friends even if it is to laugh at us. the human being is a social being, when we find a single human being he must be a problem, a disease of Convivio. the solitude and the soul adoence rots the bones.
can not choose our parents or relatives but we can choose our friends and we certainly want this friendship to influence his life. people are locked and grouchy patients and the environment where adoence arrive. who exude an odor of criticism and anger, constant burning discomfort are sick and they have to consider other issues such as sexual problems, anciosiodade excessive, fear, fear so. the islamento the times is a sign that the soul is somehow sick and distress calls.
is happy, happy, and find a group of friends who are healthy and be happy !!!!!!!!!!