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Sunday, April 26, 2009


pr. joilson of assistance

I believe that most problems of human beings is caused by their own attitudes. How many times stop and think of things we could have avoided it and avoided a multitude of problems. A word, a gesture, action or attitude can cause us great harm and some of them stranded. In the Bible we find cases that clearly show that a moment of clarity and inconsistency may bleed our hearts and invaded our days of pesares and tears.
Examples Bible.
REOBOÃO inherited a kingdom shaped by the wisdom of his father Solomon. Strong and united Kingdom the work of Israelis and fatigue, which were won by the wisest king of all time. But their attitudes to reject requests of people, separated the nation into two parts: North Israel, South Israel (Judah).
With this separation has weakened the nation and facilitated the entry of enemies that Israel later destroyed and killed his children the sword. Some left over were enslaved. Israel from this time never took its full force until 14 May 1948 when it was considered again by the UN nation. Israel and until today still suffers from some problems that have this attitude because hardheaded Reoboão, which did not take the advice of former advisers of his father but strove for the advice of his advisers who had just inexperienced to assume the function along with him.
DAVI gullible by their carnal instincts and committed adultery with a Betseba, wife of a man who served him faithfully in its army. The trouble is gripped him and the phrase: "Against thee, only sinned against you" Requests for emergency and distress are shown in some psalms.
We found in the book that King David wrote a part of it went with this sin and the reprimand of the Lord. But in truth neither one of us can know in its entirety. And if King David had no opportunity to commit the act that made him believe that not think twice!
SAUL not obey the order of God and not to destroy the enemies of Israel (The amalequitas ...) But, spared women and king. Lost to is attitude and his reign has been criticized by the prophet and priest Samuel. Besides process was by the evil spirit that tormented.
For this reason Israel has enemies alive today. During the monarchy of the holy nation, persecuted and killed numerous enemies their children, all this because of an attitude.
A WOMAN FROM THE RECEIVED THE ORDER OF GOD sent by angels not to look back. She watched, perhaps out of curiosity or miss and was transformed into a statue of salt without any life or value. A perennial statue that was not life, because only the wind would fast.
ESAU which changed its primogeniture and blessing of God for a stew of lentils, for a meal. If you regret, but not provided, Jacob used the "smarts" with this one right. It was him that Esau sold the primogeniture, giving him the blessing of the Lord.
At the time of the patriarchs the blessing that they released on their own, ara of extreme importance. God prayed for his words and confirmed the intention of your heart. The firstborn of the house received the blessing of his father as a gift of God for life. How many times, by a desire to deliver our passenger blessing that transform our lives in a dream and thus transforming it into a big nightmare. The fault is not the "destination" but in our attitudes hardheaded.
MOISES wrong, because God sent to speak to rock, he hurt. A simple act is not it? But for this error Moses did not enter into Canaan. He worked an entire life, suffered the disbelief of the people, the consequences of daily life and your password will not be done, I think it was a great shock to Moses.
Remember that for an attitude of disobedience we lose our larger dreams.
PEDRO committed several errors including: He doubted when I was walking on the sea, Jesus tried to advise not to die, cut the ear of Malchus soldier, denied Jesus etc. Certainly suffered much for such acts. But beyond the errors of Peter can see the concern of Jesus, Christ the Good Shepherd, to intercede for him. " But go, say to his disciples and Peter, he goes ahead of you to Galilee, there you will see the, as he told you. "Mark 16:7. The emphasis that the angelic messengers did was take care of the master with Pedro. In addition he was the leader of the disciples who denied his master, did not receive the contempt of God. The Lord knew that Peter was suffering greatly, as they regret the error, the proof is in the text of Mt 26.75 "And out there cried bitterly" The Apostle choleric blood was also heavily-used by God on the day of Pentecost. The lesson we can draw from this is that God can use us regardless of our temperament. Everyone make mistakes, the blood, the so phlegmatic. wise men and laypeople, but the important thing is that we should not remain the same, but seek repentance of evil as a divine medicine for body and mind guilty.
If you are willing to repent if God is willing to forgive him. Why carry the weight of the error and the fault is one that has offered us forgiveness. A certain old man, full of packages to reach their home which was on a site. This needs to walk a few kilometers on a dirt road and full of holes. The sun, the punishment caused pain and weight on your body. Suddenly someone comes with a truck and it's a ride, he immediately accepts and goes on it but, still holding the huge packages. The driver when see this scene in the car and says to him: offered a free ride so that the weight carried, but which have loads? "This same question you do now: if you have any fault would it? I want this weight to that which really has loaded. And if you asked for forgiveness and truly repented if that is still regrets?
We know that most of our problems are results of an attitude unadvised. The man brings upon himself the responsibility of all your actions, that both with humanity but also with God the eternal Judge. Indeed in many moments trying not know God's will and act for our own account and thus suffer the consequences. Many complain of the church, the pastor, the brothers for this or that but in some cases the problems are inside of themselves.
Indeed we are masters at discovering the faults of others, and judges without authority to condemn the same. Where is the problem or error on our part, then the excuses come from the most diverse possible. "The court heard that be judged" is the law of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
The problem may be caused by a neurosis, feelings of fear and insecurity, lack of wisdom, their own selfishness, sin, sins of the field ... Some leaders have not because members of their church but by their own attitudes drawbacks. This I say to you beloved reader, that the biggest step to destroy a mistake is admit that we have. But is there in us humble enough to admit it.
The Bible guides us to listen to advice, as the crowd of advice is wisdom. This should not be in a blind and mechanical, as many advise without actually analyzing the situation, and in some cases with good will. You always look good and the attitudes of parents and their advice is not always good to follow the advice of our friends and companions. Analyze everything you do, without creating a tension with it: it is everything that we do create an attitude of tension, certainly die very soon. Remember: More is the wise man who learns from the mistakes of others than one who learns from his own, not have to pay because of the error.

theologian joilson of assis silva

I see so many people in desperate prayer asking God to change this or that and I thought: why not pray asking God to transform us, in order, in aperfeçoe? do we care only with the external area of life, and change this or that out of us? most of the problems that man has come because of their attitudes and wrong choices. would not be wise to pray and seek God aperfeiçoação the staff? Of course? see the contemporaneous Jews to Christ, they wanted to change the outside, overthrow the Romans and was made in the world but Jesus wanted to transform the inside of them and other things would be added. the interior but the exterior creates a vision nossaq little flat just outside of things and situations and not the contents of things and fatos.DEUS IN OR IMPROVE IN BECOME BEST IN BEINGS stronger.
When you can not change the others must change ourselves. Think about it.