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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our emotions and problems

Our emotions and problems
pr. joilson of assistance

Emotions are targets of the media, music, movies, drama books, magazines and events etc.. Emotions show up to some as a very profitable business. People like to be emotional, the adrenaline that comes from strong emotions. We are not robots, beings without emotions. The expression of these feelings are in all parties. Who has not thrilled with the suppresive of love in the church, with preaching, the praise and the action of the Holy Spirit. At work, with its many difficulties and achievements. Finally the expression of human feelings are in all parties.
The feelings of the heart producing environment of peace and happiness or a prison and bitterness. Can cure some diseases or psychosomatic produce them. What I mean is that the good emotions produce beneficial reactions in the body, in contrast, produce various diseases and ailments. Our feelings were created by God in a state of absolute perfection, with the fall of man as well and was taken imbalance came. When the deformations appear as an internal disease problems attracted about our life and those around us. Indeed many are victims of their own emotions deformed.
This matter is so serious that it deserves special attention, because many do not realize that such defects emanate from your mind. Some things come from deformations:
1 - A woman who loves her husband deeply, but their attitudes to preclude it. Even with the same love that has not avoid some annoying situations.
2 - A pastor dedicated to his church and with their attitudes empties it. Is trying to imagine what the cause, when found download all your imbalance. It is very sad but in a situation like this is difficult to get him to show where the error. And if this happens it, the pastor will lead to the personal.
The main reason for this matter be investigated and the danger of deformation beyond the reach and exposing our emotions. Well beyond the media, film, novels etc. Satan tries to conquer the whole time it or bend it. Also serve as the emotions of handcuffs that people do in situations that are apparently trivial. The worst that anyone can learn handcuffs, as concerns the heart. You're reading this comment, there is something that holds your emotions? Yes or no?
Be careful with your feelings, because they are precious to God. The man is formed by the values, concepts, character, ways of looking at situations and emotions. When the last feature is affected, the spirit of man can not establish a good communication and attitudes are failing as a fluorescent lamp defective. The enemy seeks to enter a port, if there is, he tries to create situations. Are the bad things that can break the feelings so that the person is out of control.
The demons seek to inhabit bodies and minds for its control. The Bible shows a group of them that houses in mind and only fasting and many prayers can expel them. The reality is that we live in a cosmos where intelligence is looking for action, to take people to realize their desire. The crowds following their emotions, these emotions are under control this is, everyone will obey without complaining, even with some pleasure.
Some examples:
Music is one way to achieve the strongest human emotions. A melody you can hear someone crying, laughing, feeling alone and needy or think is the best. To see the power of music picture: An amusement park with all the toys, but without any musical sound. How funny would be those toys taken as the most fun. It is incredible that the sounds of guitar, voice and batteries can cause on people and their emotions. The chords change even in the environment where we own truths.
The church music also acts on emotion, but the difference is where it leads us: to have higher COMMUNION WITH GOD. The worst is the mixture that is happening. I am not talking about patterns or styles, but the message that this is music to the listener. The music that seeks to praise the Lord brings not only emotion but action of the Holy Spirit.
The films, novel, THEATER, also act in this area. People like things that are crying, laughing, is emotional. This is not wrong. What I want to show that behind all of this, there is a great desire to conquer Satan in their emotions. Protect it with all the forces: not allowing any situation or problem bring imbalance.
To protect your emotions do not listen to music that brings a message of the world or disturbance. Watch the sentimental side, and not listen to any speaker that occupies your mind and time with unsubstantiated bubble. When you hear someone who has a deformation in this area but admit such a mistake, we accept the absurd as absolute truths. I believe the words in time, to bring listeners the high load of the speaker: that is crazy, mad its auditorium. Be careful what you hear and even more with whom you speak. Well is not what enters the mouth which is contaminating, which therefore makes it leaves the heart. (Emotions).
Examine the emotions of those who run in the floor is a necessity, whatever the area of life, examine what we can change any attitude, concept, opinion. Religion can and is stronger in some cases than any organ of justice, they want to or not. If a leader says to use clock is sin, then their followers will no longer use and will ignore anyone who continues with his watch. There is nothing that the antichrist will use this expression in its power to dominate the world.
We must remember the sects that emerge and how a man IRONING BOARDS brings about a collective COLLECTIVE the madness. One says it is Jesus Christ and just sleep with all women and daughters of his followers with the same claim. Facing the police with automatic weapons killing several cops, and then convince their followers to commit suicide, the fire place where all were gathered and killed. All this in the name of God with special messages, which as we move from psychotic stages, but for him and his listeners is absolute truth.
These fools that use of faith and religion to enter the minds, causing a disturbance and was shut inside. Surrounding people with his statements and the mad. The most dangerous psychotic is not violent, which shakes, causing the fear that their state of dementia, but who are not and appear to be using and any other vehicle to bring their own reality.
The words do not have their share as soon as the music. The difference is in the brands that they are left. The music has its quick action, but not as deep as the words. The marks of the words are more difficult to be cleared than those of music. There are mysteries in the speech in all of human thinking which leaves the mouth, which can not explain and very difficult to think someone with this ability. But I know that I analyze everything and retain the good. And the message it conveys to you beloved reader is that if you want to avoid taking account of their emotions, not let the mercy of any speaker, whoever he may be! Watch the anesthesias of words that can lead to dementia or psychological dependence. There is trauma caused by these actions have never, humanly speaking, could be repaired. There is also a victim of someone's good rhetoric. Steady is the word of God that does not bring any evil, but take it. Causes restoration in the minds and hearts. Words that come from God produces in our lives, building peace and not confusion.