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Sunday, April 26, 2009


pr. joilson of assistance (book of philosophy for free with thousands of Christian philosophical thought.)

Respect comes from admiration and not of fear. Cause fear in children differs from the will of the father. If there is fear because there is danger of loss, to be affected, to suffer. The father in this situation becomes a threat. When we have the fears in our lives is logical to try to destroy them, away from them as quickly as possible even if the threat is their parents. We must know that as parents we must win our children. Generate trust and love them. If we do so, such confidence may be the target of gangs, marginal, etc. systems. if you do not win their children will have someone to conquer.
Do not be a stranger to one that loves you because one day this love can not be the same. Every parent wants the best for their children even one that has many deformations. If the father is a threat to the child all his ideas are together, and even those for its own good and so we have a delinquent. Horrible? So be careful with their attitudes to not suffer further the evil of a family without any reason. Be a person of confidence, that the child seeks to tell their secrets and new discoveries. Whoever he is happy to say that child and that it should emulate.

Compare the child with other young people your age

Some like to compare their children with the neighbor because they are scholars, so well-behaved. Not know they are making a mistake because with it will cancel the person's own son. We understand that our children are citizens in training and they have their own way to be, act and think. This hardheaded attitude, it is illogical, because your child wants to be the son of the neighbor but you act as your neighbor. If we do so we all win as our friends, not once, but we will, our next copied. We must be aware that we have a different way to treat our children and they in turn a form of reaction to this treatment. It is for this reason and others it is an act of boyishness parents want their children to have other young people their age. Think: If you live in different situations, different cultures, financial statements and various other things that happen in our life and do not happen to other people, would be a mistake so absurd to compare someone. We can show good examples and ask that our young people to follow, but do not say this for Luciano would you do? Come this way; Well John acts like this.
This issue seems very superficial, but happens often in our days. Impairing the growth of many psychological. Generating anger and deformations.


We understand that many times our help atrapalha. We must help our children when they are helpless or ask for help. There are people who insist on help because they believe they are responsible for their children and that their happiness depends entirely on your actions. Make things unpleasant in the eyes of the children and then say: "I just wanted to help" Do not live in that world for our children, because they have a new culture, a new way of thinking and acting, and some attitudes even with good intentions may bring - their disappointment and anguish. They may feel ridiculed in front of his friends thus causing psychological pressure, trauma.
The best way to help a young person is teaching him to defend himself in any situation. Be a super dad, but does not interfere in the life of your child with their arms; teach you to use your own and be happy on your journey. I firmly believe that people require its aid veiled attempt to impose its values because only trying to help what they think is important. If you have to help, assist, make all children without predilection and remember the attitudes of children are so strange for the parents as the parents are to children.

POR CULPA IS MY suffers a major problem, God is concerned about IT?

A teenage son commits a fault and judicial justice vai arrested, fichado. He missed, but will the heart of the father and mother will be quiet? The parents cross their arms and leave the child at the mercy of luck? What would you do? Is not our God is more generous than you and much more mercy? Therefore, God is concerned with the problems, but you have them brought. "And the scribes and Pharisees brought to him a woman caught in adultery, and putting it in the way they said to him: Master, this woman was caught in the act, adulterated. And the law tells us that these are Moses stoned. Since you say? This they said, trying to him to have to acknowledge that. But Jesus and comes out with his finger wrote on the earth. And insist, asking him straight up, and told them: that which you ARE WITHOUT SIN BE THE FIRST TO peg against it. And, making the stoop wrote on earth. "John 8:3 to 8"
the adulterous woman, as the Bible reports, omitting his name, that led to his sin problem. According to the law of Moses should die shamefully she was caught because, as the law of Caesar said that only the government could allow the death of someone. In the case of adult women is another issue to which Jesus was questioned vigorously by the religious of the time. Jesus is stating that she should die, was generating a great conflict against the state, stating that if not, was going against the law of Moses and was accused by the religious as those who went against the sacred law of Israel. Jesus was a very difficult situation, but the problem that has become his wife. Jesus resolved with a clever answer: Who has not sinned cast the first stone. None of those prosecutors had authority to shoot, because in fact all had sin.
Know that although the error is the solution belongs to your God. You're willing to fight the fight and gives the victory. Remember that the fight is the Lord and victory is yours. Your father ETERNO purchase your "fight" and you free the horrific problem. That if you give him the problems that afflict thee.