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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Frustration and depression

Frustration and depression

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A person is in depression when their targets are frustrated, their morale hit, some say, that attitude seriously hurt. You can come for a family problem or a shock to us. The appearance of a depression can be born in front of a mirror. People who admit they are not low, thin, fat, ugly etc. Or it may be a result of loneliness, to hear someone tell you, I love you, you is very important to me.
Nowadays people are increasingly depressed, lonely and problematic. Distrust, fear of the spouse, the search for the best in our view has distracted people, causing them to build a world where individual and lock it. People who are afraid of being with itself, to fail, to be called out, to be ridiculed, so put aside. Fear, fear and more fear! I believe that depression has a lot to do with fear, which in turn depressed rust of the joints to make it stop, until ...
These foolish for many leaders and brothers in Christ are not large and thus do not give importance to them. Not looking for notes and to follow the person who supposedly is with problems of depression. In many cases the depression causes the individual that has refused to accept and become externally an extroverted person, but inside, this all in ruins, wounded and bleeding. The mood now is the motivation and success do not come, fear makes it uncertain.
People who have these problems form a band that can hide them, very afraid of someone to strip and ridicule. In many cases they have passed the difficult times and that led to the ridiculous. Such scenes marked their minds that urgently need help. This "fear" or something that I can not explain, it is so intense that it appears the fear of death or something. I do not want to overstate anything, just show the reality that in many churches do not take care of people's mind, the soul, but only in spirit. So how is a community full of hidden problems and traumas that scared.
The family takes care of finances, nutrition, studies, preparation for the external world, but we forget the spiritual and psychological. We know that after the sin has become all but imperfect, or so we will relax in our mission. What would be the solution for the depressed? Did you know that most problems in the Church and why not say in the whole society, are caused by psychological problems, some traumas of the past? The vacuum draws the man's self-esteem, making you feel a nuclear waste. More looks like a mental virus that destroys from within the dissociated, the moments no longer have the same taste and everything appears opaque and colorless. The Bible tells us: "Come to me all the weary and burdened and I will give you rest, take you on my believe that it is gentle and soft ... Mt 11:28. This verse is used so that many do not come to its importance.
The secret to ending the depression is to seek the meaning of life and things in Jesus and his word. Because in reality without the eternal plan of God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has nothing value. Everything is so superficial that does not cause us any pleasure. If you get on each other I think has nothing to do with Jesus, replace it immediately think of Jesus the Christ, the faith is presented as something that can lead someone to the real meaning of things. Will assist you in living with and with others. Although everything and we all leave, all by God not to leave. He will take care of us and will give us the victory through the channel called faith. If you looked at all the doors and found no solution, the previous message is renewed. Respond by faith in Christ, and failure, defeat will no longer part of your life. You overcome all obstacles that may arise. God will give victory.


Who has never failed? Who has never felt a loser, a little suffocated by difficult situations that I could not circumvent and overcome it? Who has never ever failed in life? Stop a situation of life because of a mistake is thinking that is divine and perfect enough to never miss. We recognize that our reliability and small to admit any failure. Learning from each mistake we have committed is an attitude of wisdom and learning from the mistakes of others an act of great wisdom. THE ATTITUDES OF A MAJOR LACK OF WISDOM and put CULPA FOR FAILURE ALWAYS ON OTHER. When someone does this he is free of blame but remains in ignorance of its failure subject to a new failure.
Those that relate to failures destroy their future, like a boat at sea that are always anchored at the same place. In this world both the glory and failure are passengers, are temporary. How many failures have already arrested a temporary and arrested their lives forever, so many victories lost because of this one frustration of life. You must know that the failure and defeat are part of life as a victory too. We want to win, glory to God, because all they want. But we admit that we are the possible failures and errors. You forgot that it is human and that life is much more than our brilliant plot ideas? Do not allow the failure TE PARE, TE holds Retain POSSIBLE FUTURE ACHIEVEMENTS.
Failures and mistakes are common to our nature and who is perfect for us to criticize? The perfection should be our target, to improve the mind and body but the fault should be admitted. The church is sometimes inconsistent, because in some cases flying tips a whole because of one rotten fruit. Need to drop a whole tree because of a fruit which rotted? But the santarrões do so!
Went wrong, what can we do? Trying to fix! Get up in the name of Jesus, strength and this failure will soon be only a mild and transient memory. There is no grievance that is eternal and nothing human can be ignored by other humans. Those who deliver the error is truly defeated, but those who deliver the railing, the lamentations of a fault committed are defeated the same way.
If the tree of life yielded some rotten fruit, we will try get it because other fruits and these fruits will be great!

See the life, feel the moment, try to feel the beautiful moments of life as simply walking barefoot, see the sunrise, take a bath, beach, kissing a child, smile of his own defects. Leave the shortage of regrets and feel the life, the wind, see the dog shit, out of the state of eternal penance and from real life that God gave us. Feel pleasure in simple things, because happiness dwells in the house of simplicity and love that makes everything special in life that is considered simple. Make everything special about you and if you surround disabilities use the simple things as motivation. What about the sunlight? But for a night. Then use the light of the stars of heaven. But ta cloud. The darkness then USE OF NIGHT AND SEE HOW PENUBRA and romantic.


We are human we are extremely problematic, but love is a flower that often arise even in the midst of horrible stony. LOVE IS IN CONFLICT? THERE ARE MUCH MORE CONFLICT IN A LIFE WITHOUT LOVE THAN IN A LIFE WITH LOVE PROBLEMÁTCO. No one is completely alone and nobody sentirar conducted in full solitude. Let's stop talking fool myself and say that we are just a band wanting to be a seed of an integer. JUST BORN, we perform when we have ONLY ONE PERSON who share U.S. AS MORE IDEAS Little. A person can be crazy for not having anyone to disturb him. Ha ha ha!


We are human we are extremely problematic, but love is a flower that often arise even in the midst of horrible stony. LOVE IS IN CONFLICT? THERE ARE MUCH MORE CONFLICT IN A LIFE WITHOUT LOVE THAN IN A LIFE WITH LOVE PROBLEMÁTCO. No one is completely alone and nobody will feel fully realized in solitude. Let's stop talking fool myself and say that we are just a band wanting to be a seed of an integer. ONLY ONE BORN IN A complete when we have employees who share U.S. AS MORE IDEAS Little. A person can be crazy for not having anyone to disturb him. Ha ha ha!
Love is something God put in man, there is the passion without love, but there is no love without passion. Love is so simple, but makes us be surrounded by a magical atmosphere and makes us go to a foot of ground without realizing. Obviously God was the author of Love is a magical feeling that unites us with happiness and peace. Love seems something musical, because every time we give a loving desire to sing great. Love is the most beautiful thing in this world and love to those who are not feeling the action of the same in their lives. Love and be loved is a gift from God to us mere mortals.
The problem of love is not love the fact that only with our minds and brilliant ideas and pre fabricated. Love with all our nature and instincts to those who do not even know they existem.O heart has reasons that reason knows itself, its own logic, why love is so hard to be understood, understood, even by those involved mesmo.Todo the world has a trauma involving love and love and hate contradições.O use the same path to manifest itself in this world for this very reason people can love too much hate. The intensity of love also manifests itself in hatred. How wonderful the love of a woman, but how terrible your hatred. The conflicts of love generate all of humanity and the plot behind the major conflicts where there is love, a woman and a man. Terrible war has started because of a woman, a love, a sexual act had as inappropriate. It does not separate the love of our policy, because the relationship of a man in a woman and can generate a conflict on level of nation and world. It is sometimes a woman with open arms is more dangerous than a gun with a burning fuse.
By so many conflicts in LOVE? Because he moves with all the instincts that we have all our nature is involved in love and the power available in these times we are in contradiction and one begins to fight the other creating a kind of madness. Would look like this: In our hearts there is a large crowd of animals within our heart. These animals are the animals of the other passionate heart, but there is some sympathy for us and antipathies of others. Then the animals start to fight inside of us wanting one or assuming the union and another group who do not want this union in any way. Immense IS A CONFLICT WHICH HAPPENS TO ALL OF HEART OF AMA. This conflict is inevitable and some even end up in the midst of intense fighting to be happy, but some are lost and are half crazy. Love is a mixture of salt and sugar, well want to and repulsion. In any conflict there is love, but love in all it is something of happiness.
This conflict has been terrible at the history, some are passionate for their own executioner other even thinking a crazy idea insistence on continuing to love someone that their ideas and logic to receive refuse. HOW IS THE LOVE IRONING BOARDS!