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Monday, April 27, 2009


ninguém está livre da violencia ela cresce a cada dia . veja esta vitima!

problemas vindos da violencia , analises para se evitar

nobody is free of violence that grows every day. see this victim!

book how to avoid problems - recorded in national library

01 - envista safely without saving resources. locks, bars locks, cameras, etc. around electrical. times by the lack of a simple lock some people suffer many years.

02 - be vigilant, attentive, strangers around your home can be a threat vindoura.evite emphasis that has as much in his own person, the highlights will always be marked and made targets by unoccupied.

03 - Avoid walking alone in dark places, open field, towns. not rely on small groups as the meliantes not respected groups disarmed. not rely on your manhood because you can not exercise it in front of a revolver. many brothers were attacked from the evangelical church, some estrupadas and many others killed. believe in God but do its share in the land.

04 - do not open the door to strangers even if it is supposed to need. well-dressed women are used to infiltrate the homes and their owners rederem later opened the doors to his companions.

05 - when you get home to watch her experience has been far outside the site. if someone suspicious and not stop pass and return later. many crimes are carried in the arrival of the house.

06 - think: if you were a thief to steal as you would your own home? how? indentificas response to the gaps in their security should be closed.

07 - Avoid shock or enmity with the "bags" because in most cases the state can not protect it. it is better to be friend of the ounce of that food it.

08 - do not count money or go public with large portfolio of money not to draw attention. look when parked in a safe place preference and busy. not to isolate itself from the crowd, he offers us some shelter. when hiring an employee the choice criterion reliability, the group analysis because it most often the employee does nothing but bad to their friends and the secrets of patrão.empregadas domestic conveniences, porters are witnesses of everything that happens in your home and their possessions.

09 - at home alarms, dogs are welcome. remember to trust others is a terrible mistake and over-confidence killed the guard the saying goes.

10 - in the case to be addressed by meliante, meets and does not react, avoid sudden movements that enrite the magunal. the property may be restored to health but not ae life. have lost their lives in a old phone, a badge, a bike etc. lost the most important because of the insignificant.

11 - remember that excessive security kills more than fear. the days are evil and attention is the best way to avoid evil.

12 - churches, businesses and other institutions should have a strong quarter, which is a room with double walls, in rebolco reinforced with steel doors refordas and several locks. this place should be disfaçado not to draw the attention of the components of the group nor the churches have been stolen visitantes.quantas mercilessly? this area of security must not spiritualize too, remember that the servants of God bring their espadas.mas God protects us! that the servants of God is God the walls were protected? what we see in these religious groups is a feeling of superiority or think they are more special than the other. but this law is all about and against crime than to call God must do our part radically.

13-no date in places dark and unknown places as they have done many victims with cruelty and some were killed after rape. meliantes the beasts are angry and going to a place unknown and open field out of this merciless pack. how many have died so young? is wise to learn from the mistakes of others than to learn its own.

14 - not segasta money on safety, it invests. the fruits of a good segunça is peace, tranquility, this is priceless.

15 - do not get into cars in front of the house or inside it, this calls for meliante world in which we can not imagine the joy or show property. do not expose your demostrações of joy because these attitudes are considered by meliantes as insulting.

16 - when insulted by someone to avoid the shock that it is insulting to be doing some security aquilo.é very difficult endure an insult but it is a shame but by a shot, stab at times not. damage is terrible. in mild joke. avoid clashes with groups, in this case you enter at a disadvantage.

17-go back to school and always in class, it protects in your group. school to see that friendship is what counts and the lives of their parents or their not tell what has nrm what to do, details of the work of his father or seu.procure date with people with good care " guys' OS 'boyzinho ", how many problems were born of these relationships.

18-best is a live dog than a dead lion, courage without wisdom is stupidity. courage is the greatest escape from evil, avoid it.

19-do not charge myself mainly to men, many have died in these charges simply by alugueis.muitos have died in discursões with enquilinos leaving it for trivial things. life is the greatest good. always covers acompoanhado it is not possible to be educated and go to prevent shock.

20 - is smart as a rabbit in a forest of wolves hungry. this is not drama, but reality.

21 - do not leave your family to the old shop alone or take money, they are the main targets of meliantes.

22 - at home is high wall of a dog or obrigarório Serco and electronic sensors.

23 - evil has no face. the party offers many youth risk for all the family. how many have been kidnapped in these festivities? thinking so caution is our greatest weapon against violence and crime.

24 - in case of danger to go to infiltrate the crowd and without focus. make a complaint is made anonymously and you realize that there is no possibility of being discovered. the police have no structure to life on your door and put a soldier. remember that the pricipal soldier's life is you.

25-people who hesitate are worse than the beasts. why not get involved in issues which offer risk to achieve interests of groups, they can order their esterminio. unions, political groups and sports offer because once risk is achieved when a member of the group wanting to get revenge. only faces a beast if it's stiff but this beast has a group of other beasts that go desesperadamente.veja saints in the Bible are desperately running away, others were killed mercilessly. ^ you is not better than them no more reasons especial.santos full of preaching the love was killed by rabid groups and people?

26 - careful with dubious people especially those who do not have references or principle of origin. who are giving is, where you go, the family? These are questions that define confiamosou is not in anyone.

27 - Reviews involving finances must not be made in front of employees and domestic. this is not for the eles.saber power, and key and the power given to someone who heard their convenience.

28-floor must be aware and not in maintenance. teach children to care in conversations with friends in school is an attitude and preventive knew.

29 - "Father I ask TIRE TO THE WORLD BUT THAT FREEDOM OF EVIL." Jesus of Nazareth
THE EVIL IS HARD REALITY is cruel that we must crying out to GOD THAT IN ALL HIS FREE DIAS.O BAD MAN NO YOU DO NOT SLEEP WHILE THE EVIL BUT IF THE SABI arm to prevention. the world is real dirty and odious beasts walking around. is not innocent, nor inconsistent. be wise and get rid of evil. the displiscencia is the opportunity to search for the evil act and prevent the gun from God that their children should always use.