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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Overprotect THE CHILDREN

Overprotect THE CHILDREN
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The protection comes from the heart as one of the most beautiful attributes that you love, who loves it protects! But the overprotection shows that the insecurity and prejudice that have to suffer that. One who takes this attitude is preventing the highly learn to live, to protect themselves from evil and will be afraid of what is usually simple and common.
I saw cases that involved the mother of his son to 1.80 height as a child of 10 years.
Imagine this "child" in its environment couple. Besides being ridiculous is tremendously harmful to the character in training. We know the dangers that the world offers to a couple are terrible and destructive, but it gives no room for absolute protection and ferrenha. We must teach our young people to defend themselves because we will not be with them forever.


We have to generate those that are continuing in our land self esteem and confidence. But some things can commit is undoing this construction in our inner children. When a parent raises the child with too much in their praise as the belief that everything that makes it brighter and more important than the acts of others, commits a great error. Actually we all love both of our children, that all acts are a marvel to us. This increases in a quite reasonable when the first acts. An example: praise the children when he too, turn on your computer, make your deposit in the bank 24 hours, take home his first girlfriend, begins to engage in any profession. Them children, have to know that acts like these are normal, and nothing else occurring. Happy? Yes, of course every parent will feel proud, but this is nothing superhuman, amazing! This can generate in your child depression and anxiety when he ask their friends, relatives, spouses, bosses the same admiration and praise he receives from parents. Imagine that shock and disappointment when a young "super" by their parents face the real world and cruel.
I hope with all my heart that such actions never happen in your life, when Father Watching the people who commit this error I saw that the children see super punishment in a way overstated. When they exhibit any failure comes the revolt. Escape the hype of being extremely harmful. You do not want to feel that way with your child, right? So FUJA the end because it leaves the will of God.
For slow or clumsy to never make your child feel important and wise people at small and large. He is not less than any other, not only found his space, his way of looking at things. True greatness comes from within the personality. This will generate anger and a great desire to find or do things that make the big important and praised by all. Such feelings can lead people who have an artistic career or drugs etc. Something that makes important and praised the company before. The fear may present as an alternative to fill the interior. Someone respect it through fear, it could give him a sense of achievement. Be careful, ask for wisdom and God own field, to build in their children a good man to the glory of God.


Promise and not fulfill, bring your child into disrepute and distrust in the person who represents the father. Also create an atmosphere of loss that mark many moments of your life. Worst of all is giving and taking back then, in the minds of the young will be born out of a normal fear of losing his girlfriend, the use the property, life etc.. When someone has the misfortune to receive, then all things are snatched from their hands, even if it is candy, cars, bicycles in the future will have a HUGE fear of losing, and for this reason often neither wins. The fear and we have captured a person unbalanced in their emotions. Much confusion happened and will happen because of this lack of balance. Fights, lawsuits and major disturbances in marital life are fruits of that tree that has no limit to bear fruit. Example: the father who is afraid of a boy taking his daughter loved, of losing the inheritance of the children, of losing his wife, (this is not as jealous, disability, cheating, etc.). Work. Afraid to lose, lose, lose ...
With "the loss of fear in the shoe" that person will not very far! It does not get the expected success, can deliver the drugs or even drink from for violence in defense of something or someone. These people are generally not aggressive, kind to others and can make things with great grace, ease, but the sense of loss makes it a lion, a warrior in defense of his castle. They usually present as possessive people, which will cling to things as objects, animals and people. The threat of being conquered or taken by someone, the people affected by this evil enters the scene with all ferocity. This in most cases are caused by the deeds of their parents on creation. A person affected by this evil can be locked up in houses with very high walls, safely out of the ordinary, allowing fear of someone taking what he has, and not promise compliance, give and take can lead to possession of child mania, a possessive nature, neurosis and psychosis