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Saturday, April 25, 2009

We must be careful with shortcuts

We must be careful with shortcuts
pr. joilson of Assisi

A certain time I was in a city doing my evangelistic work. Was staying in a church where you went preaching in another city. My job was to return to that church and go to the home of the pastor, a little ahead, dinner and go away to another city, sleep and work out some things in the morning. As I was in my heart. I went to a church where pinned for nearly one thousand people and God was present in our environment. As I had planned for the church where he was staying and then leaving for home and the Pastor, and dinner would go to another city.
When leaving the church home of Pasto was 23:00 and decided to take a shortcut from my house to stay in the church of Pastor. Cost me the time of 15 minutes by road beside the church. This shortcut I lost and spent almost 1 hours non-stop walking in dark places. Result: I was no dinner because I was not the pastor's house. Drove me to the nearby town of 24:00 last bus arrived late and would sleep where people had already been collected. So I had that dinner with my latest resources in a restaurant and sleep in a hotel. Simply a shortcut that problem caused me.
Actually the shortcuts that many take the lead to a bigger problem and even a non-completion of the sovereign will of God in their lives. Remember, because the shortcut taken by the wife of Abraham and Sarah named as the two had problems. When Sara told her husband by taking his slave wife Hagar to fulfill a promise to God. Agar was for Abraham and Sarah a shortcut problem that extended to the days of today to their posterity. Nobody try to fulfill the promises of God, because He fulfilled regardless of the circumstances. Sara was humiliated by his slave and enmity has spread to both later that today represent two great nations on earth enemies by taking this shortcut in antiquity.
As we are speaking of shortcuts, one can say that they may be useful in any situation, I mean shortcuts that can be useful, but when we know the region. Life is a region, that way only know the words in which we, no one can guarantee the future or what will come after a curve. The enemy that studies the behavior that aims defeat. This applies to spiritual life. Once Satan studying all its desires and dreams and put a stone in the search path than the one run. We need to think several times when we are about to make a decision. In addition to put our minds to work through the thought must ask God to work, begging him for his operation in the matter. Do you believe in God? Believe that He is immutable and omnipotent? Why not USA this faith in a positive way to make your life victorious in all situations. But is all this necessary? Indeed it is! Not everything that looks good and pleasant to the sight of man is in fact and truth. We have the maturity to not let us take the first sense. "Misleading and the heart, but that of all things, and evil: Who know? Jr17: 9.
Like a good soldier of Jesus Christ must know our enemy and their training:
Satan, be personal, created by God with the name of Lucifer, they function as a cherub angel, guardian angel of the glory of God, fell on his position because I wanted to be bigger than its creator. An angel of light became a black Satan the angel of darkness: and the opponent's divine purpose. Your age is not known, it is understood that is billions of years. Its history is not known in its entirety and its wisdom and strength are used against humanity.
Has the capacity to invent lies more akin to the truth than the truth itself. May mask an angel of light and it appears good. Your character is bad and unrecoverable. The person is universal in the very evil personified. It has countless angels lower its service, becoming almost ubiquitous. Controls the hierarchy of evil called the Bible as (principalities and protest), from darkness makes its living natural.
Without the divine help we would not have any chance against this being of evil. Thank God already gave us the victory over this and be on their works.
But knowing that we have such enemies as soldiers of Christ, we must be alert and vigilant to avoid being lured to an ambush. Confirming our desires to God and get rid of all the guilt and sin, we rid the curse of any intervention or malignant.
The sin can only attract curses and problems there repentance. Beware of any shortcut for that is the best intention, represent danger.

Shortcuts ALWAYS a risk.
IN THE ENEMY ALWAYS ATAC open field is unknown paths.