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Monday, April 27, 2009

The need for grounding OUR LIFE

the structure without doing anything is crazy

NOT ABOUT THE STRUCTURE out awful shame and humiliation, AND ARE SUBJECT TO MEN whims of greed and arrogant. JOILSON DE ASSIS

The need for grounding OUR LIFE

"Every one therefore who hears these my words and practice, resembles him to wise man who built his house upon the rock and the rain fell, and rivers ran, and winds blow, and fought that house and not dropped, because it was built on the rock. He who hears these my words, and fails, to compare him to the foolish man who built his house on sand.
... "It was great to his fall." MT. 7:24,25
To say that I start doing things badly done is worse than doing nothing; Because when you do not have prejudice nothing difficult, but things badly made, badly finished will always losses. In light of this verse brings us many revelations, both on the practice floor and on the structure that the wise man always seeks. The consequences of a good structure is security, stability. The consequences of hardheaded attitudes and structures is not necessarily a fall, injury and suffering. Everything in life should be structured; Life emotional, spiritual, financial, ideological, religious, etc.. Finally, all our in us must be structured. The stock does not seek the rock, do not worry about the future of their building. Things done without structure, the actual time the task to destroy. Look for the structure, is not at the mercy of time.
The financial situation of our country is no excuse to be always in the financial mire. CRISIS show me a time without crisis, where everyone had no money and the poor. There was crisis in the empire when started early in the monarchy in Brazil, when the crisis came out of a monarchy, the military regime in crisis, the revolutions in the presidential system, when we began to elect by voting our president; Crisis with Collor de Mello, Itamar Franco, Fernando Henrique, with ... The world will always be in crisis, financial difficulties of organization. If we enter this wave, and never have anything or be anything. There is a crisis? But, this does not prevent my victory in Christ Jesus.
If we structure our life security in times of instability. This does not mean that we will be rich, but we have a financial structure that will ensure our well being. Is that in time of crisis does not sell new cars? Does anyone these days eat well, dress well and come? If you are in crisis now, go to the supermarket and start to see people shopping, you notice that those who have always crowded the door of his car trunk of food, and there is no crisis for them? The truth is that they are more structured than you. Needs when they move, the unstructured be dead from hunger. The truth is that regardless of the system, always have people who have adapted to it and are successful. Since the beginning of the human race is so, is not it now be changed. At the exchange, at the time of the power of the crown and title of nobility, on the steel and the war in the days of the great empires, systems and kings, of gunpowder, the discovery of mechanical, etc.. where people were successful and people passing destructured difficulties. Jesus gives us wisdom to be always prepared to deal with "the wind, the rain, floods of rivers" and they do not destroy our house. We must be radical in this area because it is radical to us. Example: If someone is dying in the hospital and the family has no money to pay for treatment, he certainly die. Whether that something more radical? The world treats people for what they have and not for what they are. Never (humanly speaking) change.
I have a question, answer right away: Who is that God loves more, the HIGH POUSADA YOUR HOME WITH ALL YOUR OR THE POOR Mordomo under the bridge go hungry and sell their FILHOPS in misery? My answer is: God loves all of the same way. The fact is the rich and the poor in different situations is not of God, are consequences of various actions, because everything that man reap this plant. A blessing and a blessing draws another abyss called another abyss. Structure your life and you will be in the position of calling blessing blessing.
"Or what I king, going to war to war against another king, is not the first to take advice on whether you can leave with ten thousand to meet the coming against him with twenty thousand? Another way, the other far, send ambassadors, and asks conditions of peace "Luke 14:31,32.
In these verses we see that a wise king before going to war: stop, think, consult the advisers and to finally make a wise decision. The king of that situation was difficult and precarious conditions, as was half of the number of enemy warriors. Before taking any decision we have to stop, pray and think and analyze. The financial life is so, if we do everything that comes into our head certainly suffer. We have to be analytical and logical act. If we want to find something, but with caution.
Do things without planning is foolish. Projects not override the power of God and not the action of the Holy Spirit in your life. Undoes but the disaster and disruption. Consult advisers or wise is important because each area of your life is a wise man who can guide you. Nescidez we think is wise and self sufficient. We must follow our path always targeted. So, is this message for all. Stop and think before acting is not wasting time, but gain peace and strength in what we do. When analyzing lake be sure to create a balance between the pros and cons, depending on our will because we tend to cancel one or the other to achieve our desire.
"Ask, and given to you to. Seek and find, knock and open it you will. Why, one that asks, receives, and to search, find, and opens to the beat. " Mt 7:7,8.
Who is looking. If you are looking to find alternatives for sure! But someone may say: "I seek, but not found." If tried and found it was not attempted because of the wrong way. The law of God tells us that those who seek find, and anyone who asks receives beats opens. When I'm behind a project financial personifies me as a hunter who leaves behind his hunting rare. When I'm behind my eyes everything looking game, and when the meeting would not escape.
Make plans and goals, seek to keep financial targets and study the best ways to achieve success in pursuit of the dream mind.
"Drink the water in your tank, and your current window." Prov. 5:15.
This verse can be fully used on the conjugal life and of man's fidelity to his wife. However, I use it as an introduction to biblical philosophy major. Well, due to geographical position and climate of Israel, was of great importance to all people. The patriarchs of the tribe ever tried digging a well to support the same. The man always looking to dig a well safety and stability, and there were those who spent years, many years digging your own well, for USA water itself and not be dependent on others. Generally, today in Israel this philosophy remains, and the wells continue to be a source of prosperity and stability. Today in most cases the wells are dug in the rocks or beside them. Well digging into the stone is very difficult, but they dig. I believe that the Northeast was in the hands of the Jews who today are one of the most developed agriculture in the world, the Northeast would not be going hungry and waiting for rain.
In the area of search for resources to be a digger of wells. We dig our own source for the sources not dependent on others and not be at the mercy of time. No use to take a large and beautiful garden with a pool too small, because if we do so the disappointment will be great. The best source is a more than garden. People who want to be very comfortable, nice house, car, etc.. with only a minimum wage will slaughter your soul and your mind leading to the disruption. A big mistake that is committed aguar want a large garden with a little well. Be clear with yourself and only spend what they really can. If you win 100 only spend 70 and save the rest for digging a well. Someone can tell me. "This will not do, it is very difficult." Be successful and prosperous is not easy, because if everyone would. The cavação a well to be his main target and expense. To dig a source you should know that we must begin, if not as the first step never pursued the dream will be reality. The problem often is in our little faith in the lack of initiative or the presence of a culture accommodative.
It is good to have multiple sources, it will support the other one at a time of scarcity. In their excavation projects do not forget that a project has two faces: the planning and implementation;
NO PLANEJAMETO - can not miss, see all the points, that is good and negative. See others who are in class and has some experience. Everything we do must be designed and if we know we are already projecting a winning percentage of 50% of victory. IMPLEMENTATION - Some very well know design, Pore in the implementation fail or simply not performing. Project, but at the time of project implementation or fail to leave after. Design what can not run is not feasible and attitude of silly. If you are designing and realizing that it is impracticable to implement do not think twice to change your project. On the issue of implementing projects like show an example: two men received a challenge to fill in a time with water bottles. After the competition the judging committee would give the victory to whoever has put the most water inside the bottles. The amount of water was free, but the time was limited. He started the competition, and soon the two competitors have their way of filling the bottles. Began in a rush on bottled water wells to achieve your goal with it. The other also got rushed to fill the bottles one by one. The end result of this competition, was the victory of what would fill one by one, as well as not wasting water much better he hit the mouth of the bottle that is small. The other addition to spending lots of water, broke a few and did not obtain the expected success in its haste. The lives of the story is: run the project design is wiser to try to run several meso time. If we do not have to run several structures at the same time, we will lose resources, have losses instead of profits. In implementing the logic of a project should be 70%, to 30% emotion and firmness should abound in our hearts. If we have little ammunition, no use is risky, we have set targets with the lowest percentage of possible risk and then fire them. Another example: if you study nursing for the second year and changes to accounting and then switch to engineering, business administration, languages ... Will spend four or five years and in the end you will be NOTHING. Think about it, start and end look. Because the success of heart for the chase. It's amazing how some people are accommodated. They go ahead and stop at the first obstacle and back. Swim, swim, they die on the edge of the beach. People without goals, without dynamic, no faith are subject to. We are satisfied with what God has given us but, as already stated, satisfaction does not mean accommodation. We must build an empire for us and our children. Without financial resources will be open to humiliation and subjection to the unjust, the impious, which does not think much to step on our head. The servants of God should dominate on the wicked, then, so he will judge the right time, with justice and fear of the Lord.
Working day and night not to be a heavy one is the great example of Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles. It is true that whenever we need one of the other, but this does not mean is subject to heavy and brother. Each should have its own resources, because unlike the suffering is unavoidable. We must be prepared to face alone, because in our culture tend to expect a lot of others, the government etc.. expect much of others when the result may be disappointing and not achieving what we want. We must know that our happiness depends on God and our attitudes and therefore the Lord will lead people to help. But before I help someone, but that God help you, if you need help. Need to react to situations, to change the minds and attitudes, go to fight and so will the other aid as consequences. Someone may ask God what faras for me? God answers: child before you got your answer that question: "what you can do for yourself?" He said to me: Son of man, you stand and speak with "Ezekiel 2:1. God speaks to man, but only after taking the same attitude, a position. God wants to talk to the man as I speak to Ezekiel, but only spoke to the prophet after he was standing. If we want to take a position on the life and the Lord, the Spirit itself will help us take this position.
Men who do not take serious and firm attitude in life, will not be able to generate the same, but the direction they will move to the situations. Or you drive or are driven, not led to where I go. Find what you want and go from the accommodation. "Well, I prefer the anguish of searching for that peace of accommodation." Valdemir Vieira. Because everything that man reap this plant. Plante work, wisdom, dedication, faith and reap a quiet and peaceful life.

It is to be extruded out of the mercy of greed. JOILSON THEOLOGY OF ASSISI