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Monday, April 27, 2009


The universe is full of laws, a tangle of laws that apply to Merge. These laws are independent and live as a person.


There are laws for everything: laws of science, genetics, physics, mathematics, biology, laws, moral, cultural, laws of matter, the spirit, of conscience and imagination, laws of the angelic world, the fallen angels, laws of faith. Laws, laws and more laws. They can be governed, flexible, tolerable, atenuáveis. When we think of laws similar to the stiffness, but it brings to me a law. The science, physics, biology, materials that are only studying certain ordinances of nature.
When these laws are breached bring evil and destruction. In many cases, these disasters, the question arises: Where is God? Example: If a couple on a beach dating solve dark in an hour rather dangerous, they are breaking several laws. First it is the law of nature that says there is a predator and a prey, in this case, the couple becomes an easy prey for the predator which in turn may be a robber, manic, etc..
The rules laid down by Almighty Making men equal in all directions. Example: a person who in his powerful car off at a speed too great, is subject to harsh penalties of the rules that their attitudes are breaking. In addition to the known laws of transit, the rules of nature are there to make us equal. This driver is pious or not a simple flat tire can end your life. A dog, ox, can severely interrupt your journey bringing destruction and chaos. If a coincidence this happens, the family can say: Where was God and the protection described in the Bible. The children of God must know that by occupying a position so important before the great Father, does not mean that your life will be free of any rule of nature. To better understand another example: If someone takes your child to a place the night amidst the cold and lack of coat, is violating a basic rule of its bio system, or body. If this child will become seriously ill the blame on the parents than with their nescidez broke the law.
My people suffer for lack of knowledge is the great cry of God for the sleepers and inconsistent than that growing in grace and knowledge of the supreme and eternal creator of all things. That is wise it is healthy and the pursuing peace. The laws of God as the system that he created called nature exist for our own good and not to show an authoritarian character of a Lord who organized everything. It is as if someone builds a house without roof, when the rain could not claim the meso and if someone does a prevention to avoid having many children is the same situation. This line of thought we find the reason of why many accidents.
Already in the unknown, evil is by not knowing the rules and for this reason the break and the damage came as a result. For this to happen is not necessary that in the unknown: total take care not to be caught unnoticed by any law. The laws of the great architect are limitations he established for his own creation. People who fight against these rules will pay with life or great suffering. Watch this example: a certain depth the diver in the sea can not rise rapidly, will sometimes stop on its journey to your brain does not create air bubbles and it will die. This is a law. Whatever you be diver, a king or dominator very famous, anyone pay.
The limits are in all parties and the presence shows that there is a God and that we are too limited. In this system the causes and results interleave is producing a huge circuit of life. The laws of nature are merciless and never make a distinction. When I read Revelation and other books that speak of eschatology and see those horrible disaster and future disasters see the result of our own attitudes and hardheaded greedy. What is written in Revelation is, in some cases, we build the future today. The man seems a great suicidal if not respect the laws of the Almighty. When the man USA products that destroy the ozone layer it is suicide and killing their children and grandchildren. The ignorance of man and the eco system reaches the absurd! Coming straight from their greed, until some current religions and philosophical. I know with certainty that the results show that many are ignorant of future disasters, which the book of Revelation reports.
Faith brings several rules, laws that many of them serve to reduce or even cancel others. If the faith is well observed, you can show us many solutions, bringing incalculable benefits. As you may have the notion, everything and everyone can bring in a rule. The laws are in all parts, knowledge or ignorance of those who is producing the difference. However, all part of knowledge as something transcendent to man, which the search will not be defeated. Knowledge is so important that the people have become more important and stronger than the others. An example: perhaps driving the truck, I, who do not know, fill it. Who knows who dominates and is dominated not know. Both in the spiritual world as the material knowledge makes a difference in every way. Knowledge is power. The wisdom enriches the soul and comforts the body, is weapon of defense and attack. It is the path that the dead must follow to know the mind of the infinite. Who despises the wisdom and knowledge, and who despises the happiness does not look life is foolish and suffering will always be with him. Enter the tent of meditation is to enter the tent of tranquility. God is wisdom and science and the person represents to me the well of logic and harmony. Studying the laws of God is a great need for those who want to be happy and prosperous. Living is to examine and learn, who recognizes this is a winner. Learn where to go and a goal is essential. Because who does not know where to go, does not reach anywhere. Beware of the laws, because if the break suffer. It is law in everything there is law, and all have their share. It exists independent of our will and independent of our wish to reach.