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Monday, April 27, 2009




When we look at the past and contemplate our life, difficult times once noticed that at the time, seemed no solution. It seems so difficult to live and win, and this difficulty is compounded by our own race of beings who often only think of their own plans. To realize that their projects are even on top of someone. There are so many moments of shock, humiliation and even those moments when everything seems to fall on our head and no doors to escape that particular situation.
It seems that everything and all problems and difficulties. When we look to our side, then contemplate a crowd of people concerned about their problems and targets. The history of man has been dampened since the Eden with their tears and lamentations, the struggle to live, the contact with other people, living together with God, life, marriage, profession, achievements desired, their own mistakes, the action of Satan, it seems more a script for a great movie that does not change. Change the scene and the artists, but the roadmap remains the same. Well, the problems of man today are presented as a result of the same causes that had previously hit men. Where to find solution to all problems? The servants of God suffer? These are questions that by their frequency have become common and routine.
Born a baby, faces difficulties, such as diseases, etc.. It comes to reach a certain age and go to school, faces the problems of a student. Come to adolescence, where young people experiencing difficult times.
The dreams, projects and plans invade the minds of the young man who feels a great man to hold them. Between adolescence and maturity period of house and now this particular person has a huge clash with the reality that breaks most of his adolescent dreams. The marriage relationship and the spouse becomes a challenge to be overcome, the work to fight daily to make money with it and support his family wearing the mind and body. Disagreements with the personalities of the people surrounding the suspicious person and make a booking with any thing that does. This person reaches old age, their forces are going to be like water in times of drought: tired and sick die. And again, a baby born ... And every story seems to repeat. But does thinking this way life is right to be? And if you do not have to find a solution? Implemented solutions are many and dangerous. Some seek to drown their sorrows drink. In other drugs, sex, money and pagan religions. But the solutions to these problems seem to increase every day. So someone can escape from suffering? There are methods to avoid the problems? From this introduction we make a serious and profound analysis in the light of Holy Bible with living examples about the suffering, causes and results.

We want the conclusions drawn in the course of this analytical study are well absorbed by you and put into practice and of course your life will change radically. And yet another question which I do these issues fit yours? just look at and make some connections, because it is time to send the wrong rather than try to remove it after it is implanted in our lives.
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