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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The control of emotions and Success



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The control of emotions and Success
THEOLOGY Joilson de Assis Silva

Be a fighter in the box, entrepreneur, student, pastor, etc.. The emotional balance is a major reason for success. The emotional balance or as the Bible presents: The OWN FIELD; What is the capacity of self discipline. It is the ability to control their emotions and thus avoid the uncontrolled panic any situation.
The field itself acts in situations where even hit by someone not in any way retaliate because it would bring the worst evils! The anger grows, but what? Release it, and the evils that will result? The solution is in itself through the power of the Holy Spirit. Control of emotions not only prevents our emotional disorders in panic, but beyond that the deformation does not reach us. Well the answer soft diverts the rage but the word tough brief anger. Prov. 15:1. So even a simple answer that has to be in balance.
A day a person with your car has a small search in a packaging industry with a few pieces. Existed alongside the industry one of a man of age to rent and went to live in the same garage. He had no car, only lived in the garage. The driver in a hurry to get your order has parked in front of the garage, that for a few minutes. The old man came out with strong words of warning. He said that to withdraw immediately the car is not throwing in the tires. The owner of the car changed and refused to take his car, got out and was holding the container. When he returned, he found that old-looking thin and tired, with a gun in their hands that did more threats, shot several times against his chest, killing him immediately. After this tragedy with a father of the family, the resident hid it inside, out, confronted the police and when he saw he could not prevail, if fired from his wife and killed himself. What terrible thing, is not it?
In the area of emotions should treat people with foreign reserves and caution. We should not play or doubt the explosion of other emotional and even our own. Is experienced, evacuate to the emotional shock anyone who is not underestimating any expression of feeling. Be careful with them, while knowing that in the uncontrolled situation you can act like a brute and put years of work and dedication in the garbage of acute deformation. Treat all people with reservations to meet at that depth.

The human being is a FERA you do not know yourself. Suddenly it can become A gato INOFENCIVEL A LAO devoured. The occasion and who is FERA.