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Sunday, April 26, 2009

MINISTERIAL PROBLEMS, problems involving the ministers and ministries.

MINISTERIAL PROBLEMS, problems involving the ministers and ministries.

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The ministry that comes from God, besides being an honor, a privilege, is also a huge challenge. The challenge of being leader in a mass with different thoughts and problems. This is compounded by lack of financial conditions and political church.
In the Ministry there are many problems that could be avoided, with some care. This mission is difficult and requires the maturity of those who have. A ones within this function, the ridiculed and will not mind, even the seminar with all its disciplines offered, does not give the practice needed to deal with the human being, only one base.
I for sure the biggest challenge of the ministry is in itself: the ability to establish its own rules and comply. I know that for a good leader homilética in the pulpit is essential, but what really counts is the contact with God, with brothers and other leaders, it is exactly this area where most problems arise. All our measures because they are our leader. Already I see many leaders is embarrassing, with only one game, with other debts or gestures ignored. The biggest challenge for the leader is to lead yourself. The Bible says: "Looking present themselves as approved workman who does not have to be ashamed, that handles well the word of truth" II Tm 2:15. Ensure the worker shall be floor and worry about the bad reputation. Let's see some precautions to avoid problems within the Ministry:

01 - Be careful with the church policy.
Political church name is given to parties which arise in the middle of the ministries. This appearance is normal because the human being is a being very political. The danger is the emergence of parties sources to combat the lead edge. Are people who are always on, even without reason. These groups may leave slander, which may expose the rebellions or the leadership of the Ministry in particular.
This unfortunate policy, there is always a leader who has in place of deposed. This is sad but true. I'm not talking about debates and opinions, but of a Satanic, blind, senseless, which may arise in your church or institution. Whatever the leader he might want to dictate the rules of an institution, that in the name of God or of the unit. He can not let loose the lead then, one can turn away.
Dear leaders open their eyes and see the days as they are terrible. The thirst for power, position, salary, can sneak into our country and make people dissatisfied, in which soldiers will fight against the true purpose of the holy ministry. We know that even in Brazil, such as leadership, there are people that can lead to Satan and his will. Be careful with the church policy.
02 - Do not play too much.
Playing is good, but dangerous when played with the wrong person. People can use their games as an argument against you. Be cheerful, happy, play, but as if on a battlefield. Many may ridicule it with your own words or find it boy, so incapable.
03 - is popular, but not very involved with the leadership. Keep the posture does not deal with matters of the ministry with someone who is not because it will not understand. Do not go alone and do not advise anyone because we must flee from the appearance of evil, does not lift to a person of the opposite sex in the front seat and not be based on it, being alone with another person. Always keep the conversation between care and not on issues that do not agree.
04 - Many do not realize is that when the disaster live in or near Church. Usually the shepherds who live well, the days are all hosted by a crowd in his home. These people go to the pastor's house and spend time talking, this is not wrong, but can cause problems. Many people at home can invade your privacy, see the treatment with their children, women. Will also want to know on television programs to see, what you eat, if the house is clean, etc.. This is terrible, I think unethical and dangerous. We do not know who comes to our house and even know that we do not know their reactions.
The house of a man is his palace, his retreat to rest and not an amusement park for a crowd will have fun and spend time. Pastors who allow such things, then come into their lives, fuxico, malicious talk and people will think him incapable of leading. The privacy of a leader is something essential. Protect your home from invasion, guesses and opinions. The pastor has no obligation to serve is the time for its members.
05 - Do not expose your intimate life with anyone.
Do not fight in front of people and not replace indirect. You are unable to resolve their problems at home? If not, this area struggle to be happy. When we open our lives to guesses and conclusions of others, we can not complain later. The fact that another person knows of our problems, not advanced. It will only interfere.
06 - Beware of strangers.
Any error in the Ministry, is worth ones life or complications. The strangers who come to us, it only examine their attitudes and prior history of open opportunities for them. The leader is compared to a bus driver, who have the responsibility to lead the people, the disaster will be an error on all.
07 - Listen to those who have any idea, that mostly the oldest. Many ideas that could help the church and its day neglect by leaders.
08 - Beware of the Lucifer Syndrome. Some leaders, after years of Ministry they are self-sufficient, all-powerful. I do not want to draminha. I just want to show a reality. There is only one that he leads the church. Do not accept co-pastor in the ministry, only accept those who support them, not those who are reduced to mere members. If God raises a strong Ministry that won recognition from society, then enter into collision with the "all-powerful pastor" because he is who is the pastor, treasurer, singer, evangelist, teacher, apostle, scholar. This is sad and has nothing to God and his work. These dictators mostly already committed a mistake in the ministry, for example, usually a person who promotes a blow to the ministry earlier, very afraid of someone doing the same with him.
They do not care to train new leaders because he is the leader. Cut with good words, that the fear that another win the affection of the people. If you change this attitude.
Is not "boring" talking about God and his every moment. Everything has its time and I say more, but our presence is a preaching, when we witness. A pastor must know the environment where they live, to know things like: politics, health, psychology, economics, general knowledge.
Particularly, I talk with a terrible person in any conversation, looking nail. Only lack foreign languages, it has to those who speak about the persecution of the world with the true believer, friendship between them. As the brother was compactuando with the world of skeptical. Be friends of the world is to accept their rules and laws. This has nothing to do with friends who are not evangelical, nor the conversations that we have.
Is a person humble and pious. Asking them where wisdom and power to face the days we sobrevirão because the Bible says will be bad.
11 - Do not try to create an image of super-man, super-pastor, it is not and never will be, if you do so you will have less demand and live in reality and not in reality a sham.
12 - Avoid processing data by loving wife, children or relatives to the public. In the church leaders should not be treated by pseudonyms, as it may reduce his authority to them.
13 - Divide the work among siblings of trust responsibility.
14 - Never go against the system. He is stronger than you! If you can not with it, add to it or quit. With this you will avoid many problems.
15 - Do not take the ministry to issue personal, trivial as you may become subject to discussion and advice absurd thus jeopardizing his career.
16 - careful of the hypocrites and Pharisees, because they can demand things of him that not far from seeking comply.
17 - Accept the ministry that accepts you, that you consider looks, attention to the surface and that has that look good, look out the last of the institution and its directors and especially its particular culture.
18 - There are many conventions that people seek without personality because it is easy to manipulate them, such agreements only good for those who never ask if you are not different part of it, it will be ridiculed.
19-careful with the "deserved" are those who are never satisfied with what they receive and are always complaining, complaining and complaining. these are dangerous because anything that will receive the benefit meets your ego and your instinct to always victims, dadinhos.
20 - the lack of humility undertakes any quality. care with the "ball filled" life, they think they already know everything and lack the humility to those requiring the Holy Office of the Lord Jesus.
21 - who are dedicated entirely to the ministry responsible for the observation of the time. yes, time passes and if the worker will have no security at the mercy of time and love of some brothers. The ministry requires commitment then he must have financial and structural commitment to the worker. sign the portfolio is the minimum that a serious ministry can do to ensure the safety of its components to the difficulties of life. who lives on the altar to eat it is what the Bible tells us but what we find are real life ministry pastoresficam illegal and when the old are ruthlessly replaced by young possantes.vejo pastoresvelhos gave his life for the ministries and were placed side by these in his felhice. find a defect, a problem that has everything and nothing representa.é the religious capitalism do not know what honor does not, that does not work more lucro.é preferred secularism and do the work of God than is devoted to a church that does not care about you and need a remedy they omit excuses tattered. quetristeza when someone discovers that it is not you, but only useful. this is what happens in many ministries where their capitalist workers are older and are no longer espulsos by surrender in ministerio.Deus left free to human and that the policy is sometimes cluel and exclusive. pastors preidentes full of money, with coffers filled with "shame" to give a remedy to a worker who struggles to turn the same battle. open your eyes, who does not help with very little help never. it does not live at the ministry will work and earn their structure. this will not prevent you from doing the holy work of Deus.esperar, wait for help and who can not help it die twice and expose the family to poverty and humiliation.
22 - do the work of God is fulfilling its purpose and this can be done in any area of life. a nurse can be a missionary, a doctor can be a minister of the Lord. how many lives were saved by the holy hands of a doctor? is the opportunity of preaching and living God. Management is the shepherd of the house of God but is not no use structure has become a beggar, asking God for a charity resources, preaching resources pobreza.a the structure must have the structure if no financial life should be lived independent church , conventions, pastors etc.

23 - the pastors devenir recycle your information and study for not stopping in time and space.

24 - careful with fanaticism, believing the religious groups. these concepts are destructive and cause many traumas.a radical church in the past believed that sin was playing ball with the concepts and the children of this church pastors components were unable to play ball. not playing the ball, with dolls, watching television and not many other things today think the same church and all common practice. but the children of those pastors grew traumatized radial with attitudes like these. avoid problems, avoid ministries and churches that you find radical usually in human and transformed into sovereign will of Deus.você that will have to serve God in ministry act with caution, without despair and agony. there is real ministries bombs that suck as much as possible and not give anything in return. disqualify the architect and value the need for structured vantagens.os logical criteria protect both the workman and the ministry to avoid agony and outcomes in common justice.

25 - do the work of God to be channels of blessing is the most beautiful and wonderful thing that this terra.Mas like everything in life requires care and attention this area has its problems. takes care of inquisitorial. who are they? are those who profit most from the sins of others than their own holiness. when a pastor sins, wrong, principalente in sex once they are on duty inquisitorial. in the name of holiness they remove him and keep it whole structure criada.é fact that we live in holiness and the church has problems, the leader can be replaced, and in most cases this happens to a dramatically . but I mean to some that this practice acustumaram the "sacred" and profitable. there was a suspicion of adultery, then comes the holy vultures late to save the church. rescuers as they arise and take any structure and temples built by the sinner. that good huh? know some of these saints vultures seeking a failure and soon took on behalf of God the structure of the sinner. one of them has a church in my town, a church that loved brother spent 14 years built a large structure of space inorme. once the true and holy brother made friends and went to the church of the poor bastard. in less than two months he raised the argument that the temple could not be written in the name of the brother who built it alone, put the little brother to the presbyter contrutor and ... the church has put the deed of the land where the temple was in the name of a ministry of his friend. in this case was not only a sin not need the ones construtor.já brother saw pastors take the front of a work as the daughter of the leader lost the vingidade and everyone knew, then soon came the idea of shame and all the congregation joined in this wave idiologica . see these vultures act as saints, they are sneaky and if the congregation to seep down. talking to get this one as it is highly moral harm to the other but with their family and filhgos is extremely comprehensive and tolerantes.PASTORES devoted to ALL YOUR WORK AND LIFE IS DEDICATED TO A MINISTERIO sometimes INDEPENDENT, are taken Shame for libel absurd and sometimes for the ministry SIN MESMO.Neste point offers no security and the lower sign of sin, the sinner is worth less than dirt, nobody talks about recovery or something, we all want is the stone and remove the sinner. have seen cases in which the pastors were pecarem suddenly and nothing when he was working in his brothers were working denounced him to the boss not Christian. the persecution and this effect had occurred with his two jobs. there is a thirst, not Christian, in some ministries and churches, which only meets when a leader who missed his dying, suffering etc.será that the church is the only army that kills its wounded soldiers? will!
providing that all are fallible and can sin, wrong or slanderous and which ministries are flawed, the workers must have their own structure so that a failure or stroke it is not in complete misery. see this other story: A shepherd driving a church in the city of ... years without receiving a salary or any other kind of help. he goes to the ministry that was too large and asked the city to work as the ministry never gave nothing to him. course that the great pastors responaveis ministry allowed, then it would not cost anything to them. the beloved pastor became the secretary of social action from the mayor and earn a minimum wage. but came to political campaigns and pastor mayor showed his support for the boss. scandalized because the pastor was put in "things of the devil" On the convention that came as a judge and withdrew with an iron hand the beloved pastor. note: the president of the convention had a brother canidato to be mayor in a town in the state of Paraíba and fought until he ran but the pastor of the small town because of place the pastor has withdrawn two other earning minimum wages of the Convention , but even ordered a salary he can handle the stride and was gone. Currently the church is almost abandoned with three or four membros.veja security that has a minister!

26 - careful of the pest group. There is power in words and many religious groups that usually leave the curse, curse and throw up some attack or vibrate when assidente happens to those who contradict. Christians are cangaceiros. he want evil banal reasons and on behalf of God esplaguejam anyone other than agradar.satan came to Jesus and asked him the life of pedro but you did not. jesus said he came to save men, not destroy them when the petition was encentivado fire from heaven to burn the Samaritans. baseiadosa misunderstood verses in the wrong and they want to ask God to kill, put in the hole, giving a disease in its disaffection. This is because the abandonment if you would contradict anything in their languages soon come to curse in action. (See the problems and religion) to aggressive groups like these should not participate. usually ex prostitutes, thieves, addicts by condemning the other as its many beautiful and terrible sins forgot and never wanted puniçã the examples of the park is the maniac who was accused of having killed 19 women but after his conversion required the father of one of his many victims to forgive. with the refusal of the father he threat of God's hand on him. seráque lost the God of Murder and strangled 19 women and estrupadas not forgive a father who can not forgive? Thus is the behavior of religious algus to detonate the other but to forget their own past miseries. want a girl who lost the vingidade be punished for his sin with diseases etc. but forget that they were aduteros, prostitutes, thieves, and some steps in this curriculum vitae. is the justice of men is even a shred of filthiness.

27 - try and generate live in an environment of friendship and peace. without exaggeration and without radical. living life as the lack of attention is generated by other attention in another area.

28 - The human being It is not when it FOR HUMAN RELIGION, TO MINISTÉRIOS.Aqueles that divinificam to himself or others in the ministry are heading towards a big disappointment. care, the human being is human in all areas of life, the times divinificação just imbuste, propaganda of their own personal justice and capacity. man dominate in all areas of life with its defects and quality. Nobody takes their defects to govern, he will bring the two areas of your life where for.Alguns to preach to me too but in life there is no one strong, but there is, those that escape. "no, but it is a blessing , is a great servant of God. " All the qualities of a human being are not enough to make it divine. Only God should be honored without reservation to every human being should have the honor and booking criteria.

29 - Tolerance - The tolerance written in Romans 14 leads us to believe that without the tolerance does not live with nobody and no group because we all have some reason to ignore our brother for a motivo.Sempre there something to be criticized in our companions of the road, the mionistério, and most often estasfalhas the errors are real and true. but do what? We also have our mistakes, our failures that are often terrible. The Apostle Paul echoes the question: Why think outside the servant? to his Lord he is standing or fallen but is standing as powerful is the LORD for the sign. If there is no tolerance any group because we all have some of the other complaints.