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Monday, April 27, 2009



The financial area of a person is very important because with some bad in this area, life run a risk of disorder and imbalance. Jesus Christ through His word gives us wisdom enough to succeed in the financial area. I can say with all certainty that, in this chapter that will change their vision out about finances.
To begin we will examine a biblical fact happened many years ago, the dream of Pharaoh and the interpretation thereof by the servant of God, Joseph Someone may ask me: what is there this dream with my financial life? When you read the verse given notice that the main characters in the dream are seven fat cows and seven skinny cows, seven fat and seven thin ears. In continuation of the dream of the king, both cows and the ears were eaten by skinny fat. This will scare the King Pharaoh did not know that scene would be horrendous. When the Servant of God Joseph was called the presence of Pharaoh and interpreted the dream, have the following conclusions: there would be seven years of abundance, where the land to produce any force. Should also be seven years of drought, after the seven years of abundance, which consumed all resources.
After the conversation with Pharaoh and the interpretation of the dream that came from heaven, the missionary gave Joseph a very wise advice to Pharaoh that he was sending politically organize putting governors on earth and saving the provisions of the first seven years of plenty. Planted and stored the maximum they could.
In life there are periods of fat cows and lean periods, but if we act in good time, when it comes to bad there is no damage and in addition, be in a better position and better structured than that of before. This was the case with Pharaoh as well as not dying of hunger, his country saw no opinion without resources. Contrary to this, he became increasingly wealthy, bought many lands and many acquired wealth. The truth is that we spend much time in good and when it comes to dry and we are unprepared needs.
This Bible verse can be used to sense if lifespan, but also in the period of youth and old age. When we're young at that time of fat cows and ears. We are strong, determined and have courage enough to face adversity. Then comes the age, period of lean, difficult time where the forces are not the same, the arrangement is sparse. If we do when young people should grow as much as we can and structure our lives, when we reach old age in addition to provisions guaranteed terms, we have wealth in difficult times. How many people you know, when young people were wasting money and health, all spent with orgies or hardheaded attitudes. Now in another period they spend enormous difficulties. Do not worry about structuring your life, dig into their own wells. Not set targets, not studied and not remiram the time, or not taken the time. Indeed collect everything planted. An example: when a young, still very new, wasting his life, beauty and vitality in the orgy, or even with hardheaded attitudes, can not complain when you get to an age in which a marriage can be a very difficult task.
The board is friend to plant as much as you can pick up and store. Do not forget to plant the bomb. This revelation can now take your mind in several directions and I am sure the Holy Spirit of God will make this happen. Such revelations can fit in various life situations. Another small example: In a marriage we have such periods and the previous rule is repeated if the hard times we live the good or bad will be perceived in terms of emotional damage. If you love to heart and let the happiness flow in our lives we are storing love, affection, affection, understanding for the periods tortuous. That friend, the maximum plant it, enjoy every period of his life. Remember that satisfaction does not mean accommodation.
Study, design work and life is a great need. Well to change the life situations of our country, and the irregularities, we must first change our own. Grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord is renewed by the power of understanding is the wish of future success in the financial area. To change the financial life is often necessary to change the cultural conceptions of persons. There are people who find a job that offers a minimum salary every month, where houses with it, and want to live with this money and the rest of life. We have a progressive life and seek growth in all directions. We create goals, clear targets and wins that last the entire life "(Vieira Valdemir Sales). Avoid getting involved in useless and trivial things, which cause confusion and no progress. Look for the progress of studies in business. Be agile and active, because the biggest problem for some is the fact that walk sleepy as if thousands of years to achieve their goals.
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