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Monday, April 27, 2009


theologian joilson of assistance

Our plans for the present and future must be well prepared not to suffer. If we do things and then suffer badly prepared we will not give the poor, placing the blame on somebody, some system or God. We must walk the limits of our legs. Really do what I do and not what I want. If I can not think 100 reais to buy a car, I want to purchase a maximum of a bicycle. We must be realistic and do and do only what is in our reach.
Should be in the human heart a desire to grow and acquire great position to achieve what you want. But while this is not true in its entirety should know in a clear vision, our limitations. If I can not eat a caviar as a steak with all satisfaction acebolado if it can not even, as egg. All this within a progressive vision that admits to be, but admit it will remain. Not advance beyond, because our whole attitude has its price. This vision must extend to all areas of life. In the financial area, I want to mirror and I do the same things that set a better person than me. In the sentimental area can not imitating other couples or requiring the same of my spouse attitudes of our partner can be a great mistake to disrupt the family unhappy. Each has planted and what if someone aims Lake plant, as is still time. You should treat working with what you have. Want to move forward without structure is the same thing to want to build a house without the base.
Recognizing our limitations is not associated with accommodated in them. Making an analysis of our limitations is a great chance to reduce them in the power of God through his wisdom. Certainly, through this vision, to get success without, however sacrifice our happiness and peace. Be constant is better than having a great progress in a great speed and then stop.
Even when our steps are small, they are in, get very far. Because who goes to many steps, no need to run in the final. Notice that a small ant-distance walks, although it has little legs, but the pace of your journey leads to the distant places.
If we can not jump over the mountains, yes we can, climb them and cross them. Is at once something we can, many times who knows? See Lula!
Our limitations when we increase or in circles without a destination. When our steps are little, what counts is the race, the determination of our journey.
We can not afford to stop and look at the landscape as the others that are structured. It is necessary to overcome the limitations with our feet on the ground and without exaggeration nor accommodation.

"It's the age of reason where commit our biggest bullshit" Joilson of Assisi