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Sunday, April 26, 2009


pr. joilson of assistance

Parents are authorities established by God. Its importance is vital to the social and psychological development of any human being. They provide love, security and good examples for new and inexperienced life. No parent is perfect and there will never be the one. The training of the child depends on parents around 50% having a plot for friends, cultural education and character itself.
However, there are mistakes that hurt, mark and impairs the lives of young people. Such defects were produced by the interaction of history, meetings of other fruits. The solution is not with modernist, but with the pursuit of knowledge of the purpose of God. Assuming that these errors we will beat them by the power of knowledge of God and his Spirit. Let's see some errors:
Impose its will and values
Cause the anger in our children when they will impose the content in our heart. Contrary to the Bible when we act this way because it says: "Parents do not cause the will of your children ..." "When we want our teenagers to make the courses we want, dating and find that we choose what we find beautiful, this the reversed way as a person. When a parent tries to convince that this style or body is beautiful, I am not talking about a conversation between family friend, but that conversation:
"Dad, that beautiful girl! No son, I prefer that style is horrible. "
"Mom, I think I like George's."
"I do not want you to date him, I think the clumsy, André prefer.
It is a big mistake when parents without explanation, to impose their will, their own values. Those should explain the cause of their preferences, thus respecting the uniqueness of your child. It is an invasion of mind, privacy when a dictator father announces his preference to have the imposition of tone and taste.
All that gives the sensation of the mental prison'll attempt to release. I believe this happen to any normal human being regardless of their religion, age and culture. You can even is trapped by some ideology or something, but if something does not appear that a prison, you do not put any obstacles to continue their journey. An example: If the orders of parents seemed a child to prison, with time it release it. That is why many young people, children of evangelicals, become real troublemakers when it comes to a certain age.
Our children do not have to do the same courses, practice the same profession, find beautiful what you think, IT IS NOT YOU! Let him live his own life and not want to live by it any time. This is because you would not allow anyone to enjoy their best moments. Takes place as the father of their children personal victories and not the mental program that you tried to put in your mind.
The values we think important to be exposed to children so that they look. The attitudes in these examples to generate a rebellious character.
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