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Monday, April 27, 2009


pr. joilson of assistance
The problems caused by original sin is a class very numerous and considerable. When the man Adam sinned representative of humanity is subjected to hazards and problems terríveis.ele drops the law of perfection for the law of the land "because the earth You have been taken." The order of God was: Of all trees of the garden freely eat of the tree but the science of good and evil, would not eat, because the day they eat it, surely die. "NG. 2:16:17 The man had a warning not to eat, because if it would start dying. But man was created to be free and the tree of knowledge of good and evil was placed in the garden of Eden has to generate option. When the man agreed eat the forbidden fruit he accepted automatically many problems and evils in your life. The award given by God to man has represented a great evil in your life "... The earth is cursed because of you: to eat her pain every day of your life. Cardoons thorns and you also produce, and eat the grass of the field. In the sweat of thy face eat your bread until you make the land, You have been taken by it, because you are dust and to dust you become. "NG. 31:17:18:19.
What we see is just the judgments of God to man. Things I was pleased to (work) has become a requirement and with opposition (Thorns and Card). The woman began to have its birth in pain. That is, something that was to bring happiness and peace is accompanied by pain and a lot of pain. Besides the man came on the suffering of being young strong and capable, after a while your body is contemplating ending and finally death. Things are so common that almost but does not stop to think that one day happen to us.
Now the man sentenced to God faces the fury of the wind, time and opponent of their happiness. You never stopped to imagine the pain of loss of the pool, parents and close relatives. The loneliness, the pain comes on those who face such problems actually are inevitable. The pain is also present in heart that includes his son was born sick and dying for genetic problems. Nobody can imagine such evil to have a weak son, so Mongolian. What sadness!
This time the words: My pesares, sorry, it is a pain.
It seems we go through with incredible speed, we could not monitor or arrest. You have already looked in the mirror and has compared his face with a few months ago? If not. Look! And see what I mean. You can not stop aging and the many vitamins become useless by the action of time. I do not know if it happened to you, but yes me: conversation with someone, do business and suddenly the news arrives ... Died today. So talk to that person, so we rejoice, the earth disappears. I know this is not a subject like that but it is our reality. The weather (climate) also never cease to be a cumber to humans. The drought, tsunamis, earthquakes, heat, rain etc.. these phenomena are now opposed to man and indeed always will. The very presence of humans with their destructive attitudes and poluitivas spoil your environment and provoke the wrath of nature.
The planet earth has at present several transformations in its environment: Increase of temperature, the lack of ozone, pollution of land, water of rivers and oceans, etc., that come to threaten life on earth. You have an idea: if the ozone becomes more scarce than it is the earth will end called a greenhouse effect. This effect may reach the poles of the planet melting the layers of ice, thus flooding entire countries with the death of thousands of people. Looking at the reality seems that nobody can change it. The polluting industries will continue, the cars and elements remain in the air to provoke more opposition than we have in all our work.
When someone looks at these problems and this person has not signed his faith in God is just the despair and fear of earthquakes, tsunamis, strong winds, rain, death and chaos. Only faith in God and in his eternal plan to send Jesus Christ to save us, forgiving our sins and promised a new earth, a new heaven to live where justice and eternal peace, may rid our hearts of fear and anxiety that accompany humanity.
How to win? Have faith can prevent my age? You can stop or cancel the sentences given in the garden of Eden? You can prevent the death of my family and I love you? Yes, Jesus Vaio life and bring peace to man. So I will not die? You can physically die in Adam, but raise in Christ Jesus. If the physical and spiritual death came through sin came through the life of forgiveness given by Christ Jesus. "BECAUSE, AS WELL AS DEATH came for a man, ALSO A resurrection of the dead came for a man, WHY DIE FOR AS WELL AS ALL Adam, ALL WILL BE WELL ALSO life in Christ. "1 Corinthians 15:21:22. Thus we die physically, but one day in glory with a resurrected body not perish, incorruptible, eternal and glitter.
Faith brings us the true meaning of things and teaches us that in spite of age and bring about the sentences of Eden, Jesus Christ came to get rid of all these things, even the eternal death. We should not fear what can kill the body but the soul and hurt us forever. If our concern is focused only in this life we must know that it is like smoke and is eternity? "And when you were dead in sins and incircucizão of your life you beef with him, forgiving you all trespasses. "Colossians 2:13. We know, we from death to life "I John 3:14.
If today suffered by diseases, old age or something, we know that one day the sun raiará ever in life of those who put their heart and made him Lord in your rock and salvation, is preoccupied with eternal life and took their robes blood purifier in the lamb. Everything will be new, peace reign in the hearts of the children of God in his holy and eternal retreat. For whom is this faith, death or anything else than the shakes or the reach forever, because in the risen Christ in GLORY and POWER.
It is sad to know that someone keeps their hope only on this earth, forgetting that all CABA as smoke. Our hope must be main support in Jesus Christ, we must take care of things spiritual, preocuparmo us with them. In the first group of problems we can see clearly the consequences of a hardheaded attitude and no fear of God. One day all that we in this land, good or bad, will be only memories, memories and nothing more. And so the heroes are weary, the brave and the strong fear will become weak. When you get this time our money can do anything, the older will be won by the younger. The new ideas will always be brighter than the old. And at the end on this earth be a slight and distant memory.
Any person to comply with the old age or death because not born for such. But those who believe in an eternal life with God does not despair.

since dápara not avoid the laws invoked in eden where the main leié too should take the maximum time possible. for each period that is more impossible are generated. the mesmalei that makes us adults leads to death. civil death should be remembered as the year that happens every hundred impossibilities are being generated and the person will lose the opportunities that are open to others. take the time to the maximum as it is the most precious thing we have in life. time is life. human beings already born with expiry date but some forget that. must be aware of the possibilities that the time is every minute. we should not go unnoticed for life because life is just a period and the certainty of death all living beings. an example of poor use of time: a woman who is running late the lifetime of the material Forgot your biggest dream: having a child. after a certain age it menopause. that sadness, this fact shows the true reality of the times of the possibilities that ended wise and knows it takes.

There are common problems that they are naturally that we are not in estadooriginal preached the Bible. heat is sweat, feel cold is cold and these problems are not possiveisde be avoided. any letter brings a sacrifice. so being a mother brings striations, cançasso, pain concerns but it is a pleasure to have been. when a woman thought to be the mother sacrifices must be because pertecem these sacred office. to be descabelar, screaming, to stress that if these problemassão common to that situation? what should be is a prevention, a preparation of spirit to the common problems that come with life. the despair in hade nothing to improve our situation only worsened. what helps is the preparation.
peneu a break, break something, so take a trip. are common problems and cotidianbos to be seen normally, without exageiros without despair. Perhaps the stress in this situation is much worse than the situation. to old age has come, glory to God we are a survivor. stop whining porcoisas simple and junk common to all men. in fact we are not more special than anyone to judge us more deserving than others. the laws of the swelling and all are about equally.

Some people live as if time does not exist as DURAR PRA SE WAS EVER. BUT TIME IS A REALITY Cruel!