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Monday, April 27, 2009

Healthy mind healthy life-PLAN LIVING

Healthy mind healthy life-PLAN LIVING
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To put EN PLAN YOUR LIFE The LAZER.correr, jump smile is the best prevention of all evil. happiness can be obtained with simple things and through things simple. We are very active and has a tendency to concentrate in the financial area. work, work and work. Sometimes the family is forgotten and at '[health and many only remember when it runs some risk. some use for the best care for your car, your home electronic parafernalhas but the main vehicle to forget: the body. The Bible says that it is temple of the Holy Spirit and that is also holy. must invest in health, leisure, laughing as the investments for a healthy mind, a healthy life. a separate day of the week for contemplation, is not fully share, is also contemplation. mind the needs of new environments, new colors, new issues of the routine affect more than the bad food. enjoys life, enjoys the life sentences are biblical but over time some came to prohibit smile.


Some people live in the FUTURE AND ALL THAT IS ALWAYS A ELASALMEJAM front of them. that tomorrow, what tomorrow when I have this, when I have it. these people are the future and their happiness in the future is always remaining in its present agony and anguish. the relationship with time and very important because we have three times: past, present and future.
PAST - everybody has it and there are glorious and sad things, things good and bad. Some prisoners live in the past the good times associated with facts, miss, the times associated with facts sad, hard, melancholy. it does not escape the past nor denies it but it can be supported. must learn to deal with the past. because here is the last seconds.

THIS - IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME PORQUYE through it can change the other two. By this it is the servant of others, we can modify, change all TREMPER. is not radical in today, but now know that at the time you are eele is this is the most important. boaação in a warrant today for tomorrow and the changes yesterday.

FUTURE - is uncertain, there are several factors that can change it not in our control. the future belongs to God! think this and that but as every thought is bent, the future always surprises us over for another that prepare. ah, the life was brilliant as our plans. would be wonderful! even though we prepare for tomorrow when he arrives with its surprises. I say this: Do not be an inhabitant of the future. today is the time of the domain of our life tomorrow belongs to God. but the stubborn only want to be happy tomorrow. thousands of people this is mesmo.veja disappoint with this story that is written in my book of philosophy: a man living in slums and his dream was to live in a house that was built muitosanos, that he called home to my palace. he was highly perfectionist and just wanted to live in the house of your dreams when everything is completely finished. while it lived in an old house full of cockroaches and termites. its esposadesejava live in the new house immediately after the construction continued. but the maridão not wanted, he would live in his palace where everything, everything that was done. the times he stood in front of his palace imagining lie down on a network on the first floor balcony but said in his coiração: no, not now. I finished everything. But time was cruel and the debt due to building materials that man dies. all cry, the widow's children and friends. the poor bastard down the cepultura. months after the palace was occupied by his son eeeeo new wife that her husband did nothing to deserve such a comfort. he lay down and slept on the balcony of the dreams of finado and the rest was wonderful sonhos.é abitanti the future cease to enjoy the fruit of today thinking about tomorrow. but if the tree is cut? live the present and prepare yourself pro tomorrow because the time lost in today will never be recovered tomorrow.