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Sunday, April 26, 2009


theologian joilson of assis silva
On reaching home I looked in an old book I have next to was a brand new book with good binding, and said: I AM A BOOK!
Begins to write a book of sheet in sheet, taking care of the details, paragraphs, spelling etc. After following the major and minor divisions to give meaning to that really wants to say, both in history, stories or fiction. The author's concern is that he really is a great success and a vehicle for transmission of their ideas, then the content ready to give up the touches on the outside with a beautiful cover and a great way to draw attention.
I am not different from a great book. God is history for me and my person becomes part of it and channel of transmission of what I do. From page to page I am being built with all the care that an author has for his book, I am sure that it is me writing has great respect for this. And what in me is pleased to serve many hearts, bring joy to many people.
Even with the glory of being something new in this world and have all people wanting desfolharme, aging. As the binding of my old books grow old and become "the corner" when another arrives. Will not want to go to public places with me and leave me on the shelf and from time to time will review all my old stories.
On the time that no one remembers me, and my leaves begin to fall. I miss the color cover anyone want to read my stories that were made with both love. But I know that that is my author never forget .. In their minds, many of my advice, drama will always be eternal. For my author I will be always your great work on your writing and always will be the first shelf. He, every day will examine the content and I say this is the book I wrote. Although that one day many do not want to read my content or just desfolharme, think that my content is exceeded. I will be THE BEST BOOK EVER IN MY OPINION OF THE AUTHOR, ITS SUCCESS IN PARTICULAR AS ALSO be a derivation of his character, A DEMONSTRATION OF YOUR PERSONALITY AND WORK OF AN EVERLASTING LOVE.